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Friday, July 01, 2011


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I always like how institutions like Harvard and such find time to study these things. and then they get so disappointed and depressed with their findings.

Why not just save their money for Spanish classes and a move to Venezuela or Cuba.

They would be far happier there where they wouldn't have to contend with loving anything but themselves and their leader.

Morgan K Freeberg

A democrat celebrating July 4th is like a husband celebrating the birthday of a wife he "loves," as he tries to make her into somebody else. And constantly points out her perceived faults. And resists any attempt whatsoever, including attempts by others, to protect her from harm.

Anyone who loves me the way democrats love America, please stay away.

Morgan K Freeberg

Ah, there it is. I must make a note to re-post this over the holiday weekend. Thanks for making me think of it:

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