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Wednesday, July 06, 2011


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While your analysis is right on, its emphasis on "evil" is completely counter productive.

By concentrating on the "evil" theme you actually deflect emphasis from the central point - Obama is a failure.

A few years ago many voted for "Hope". Now you tell them them they stupidly voted for "evil". That is something that the independent vote will stubbornly resist to agree to.

In addition the Left will take your words, esp. "evil" as proof that you're out of touch.

Just emphasize that Obama is a failure. Americans cannot tolerate a failure.


I believe that it was the left to first associate being rich with evil. Therefore, my caricature of Obama by virtue of the same standard that he applies to others is somehow counter productive in your opinion?


So, just what part of productive intercourse should be pursued most by conservatives?

Here is a clue. There is nothing productive to be obtained from any aspect of intercourse with or observation of liberals.

And as it concerns so called independents? They apparently stubbornly resist common sense as a common practice.

On this point I side with Rick Perry. There is no point in wasting time trying to befriend liberals. They are not our friends and never will be. And the opinions of so called independents are more often than not, based solely on which way the wind blows, or what the media tells them to think before they vote.

Obama isn't just a failure, he is evil and his policies and actions reinforce that reality daily.


I feel evil is a strong word to use in the case. The idea is there right in front of us. Obama is a failure and should be shunned thus suit. He is making all the wrong decisions and its all his fault. He has chosen a horribly under qualified cabinet and makes said cabinet do all the work while he basks in the luxury of the presidency. We the people are his boss. Since when should you balanty lie to your boss when he obviously knows your lieing.

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