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Friday, June 03, 2011


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So essentially the Republicans have already caved on the Ryan plan (which was wholly inadequate)...

Can you point me to some reliable references on that, or would you prefer for that opinion to stand wholly unsupported?


Here's how it works, Greg. Refute it with your own facts (or opinions), or publish your own blog, but don't just throw mud without an alternative.

Tom Flake


Which part would you like me to substantiate:
1) The Republicans have already caved
2) The Ryan plan is wholly inadequate?



F%$k you, Amazed. That was a totally honest question addressed to the author.

Yes, Tom, I would appreciate your substantiating both statements. I'm not trying to start anything here. I simply wanmt as much info as I can get. No harm. no foul.


People are feeling that both parties are all playing the same game. A few are for the people but, it is like this is our thing and we run the show. They want a government that is too big to fail. God please help this nation - we need a true change of minds and hearts.

Tom Flake


With regard to why the Ryan plan is wholly inadequate see my post from 5/5 found here and the associated comments. If the post is inadequate, search Google for the Ryan plan and read it for yourself to prove just how broke it will leave this country.

With regard to how/why the Republicans have already caved. Stay tuned.


Tom Flake


So the Republicans caving is a developing story from the standpoint of pointing you to a source. But here is what we have as of today:

From Reuter

Negotiators eye $2.4 trillion debt limit hike: Kyl

..."To go to the end of the year next year you have to do about $2.4 trillion in debt ceiling (increases), which means about $2.5 trillion at a minimum in savings" over 10 years or more, Kyl told reporters.

This is the $2.4 TT I quoted in my post and the ten year figure I cited.

Now you need to do your homework and read the Ryan plan...Take a look specifically at how much it proposes to reduce the deficit over the next ten years.

You should see that the proposal that Kyl is working from in this latest piece is less than the Ryan plan...That is caving...Further, the Ryan plan was wholly inadequate.

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