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Thursday, June 16, 2011


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This is your modern union mentality at work, in which the preservation of the economic status quo takes priority over innovation and creation. And that explains why Obama blames technology for unemployment. The man has zero experience with and absolutely no understanding of business growth; his economic ideas have been fed to him by union leaders and union supporters.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

“He really, truly doesn’t understand. It’s frightening.”

Frightening that the media could’ve exposed this fraud before he got elected.

Frightening that almost half the country still approves of him.

Frightening that those same people still think he’s so much brighter than Bush, Palin, and every republican on earth.

Frightening that he’s either the most incompetent president ever or intentionally destroying our country.

Frightening that he can keep saying things like this, and that there are 57 states, and the countless other ridiculously incorrect things and he’ll still be held up as a hero on the left.

Frightening that I wonder what else he falsely believes about how an economy works.

Frightening that no matter how small the odds are that he’ll be our president for the next 5-1/2 yrs., it’s still a possibility.


People are so PC today that they can not or will not talk bad about a Black person. It is being drilled into our heads that if you disagree with him your a racist. The liberal whites and so called christians voted for him out of piety and on how great it would be to have an first black president. Skin color will never make a person better or worse. From his socialist friends to his America is wrong attitude the liberal got what they wanted. Alan Keyes who is black and Roman Catholic and conservative would never get the votes. This president is for abortion (praised Margret Sanger) homosexual lifestyle and socialist agenda. Thank the majority of christians that put this man in office. My wife who is black calls herself an American not a black american. But, then she was told that she was always white on the inside. I guess knowing Latin, French, English being Roman Catholic and listening to Dean Martin and Sinatra and working her way into college is being white. Marrying a white dumb Marine is being even whiter.


Trust me he is not that stupid. This is only a distraction. He is all about Alinsky and Cloward and Piven. "Overwhelm the system." He is arrogant to the 10th degree.

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