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Monday, June 06, 2011


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Paul, Just This Guy, You Know?

Whoa. Joy Behar defends Sarah Palin. Wow. Behar is human after all.

Granny Jan

I just lost a few brain cells.

Kristo Miettinen

Wow - Barbara's gratuitous mentions of friendship with everyone involved brings to mind the lady reporter in "Death Race 2000" who introduced everyone as "my dear friend". That movie was from 1974 - could the character have been modeled on a younger Walters?

Rj Randolph

It wasn’t the bus ride itself that damaged Sarah Palin’s career, it was the weeks of cover-up as she denied owning a bus, lied about the schedual of the bus, insisted she was home in Wasilla the whole time even as photographs showed her in New Hampshire. Riding around on a bus is distasteful and offensive, but the sloppy cover-up shows a lack of wisdom and grace.


Time to double up on blood pressure meds.

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