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Friday, April 15, 2011


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"I absolve you from your sins..." they are beautiful words, aren't they?


It is like a medical check up for your soul. God Bless you and please have many more. It free and it makes you more holy - Thats what I call a bargain.

bob sykes

Thank you.

As a lapsed Catholic of 50 years, I often waver at the door.

But I cannot yet go in.


Bob... I was a lapsed Catholic for more than 40 years... So I know the feeling... In God's time and at His urging, I believe firmly you will be blessed when you go...

And remember that the priest stands in the person of Christ... it is Christ you confess to, Christ who forgives you, Christ who absolves you...

And Anya, yes indeed, those are beautiful words, made all the more beautiful when understood Who it is that is in reality saying them to you...


I know I typed a comment to this and it posted. I know I did. Rick, was there something so offensive in what I posted that you deleted it? I can't for the life of me figure out what it would have been since I only referenced the Anglican version of confession (which can include one-on-one confession but most often involves corporate confession during the service) and that the priest himself isn't necessary for repentance, confession or reconciliation (as you seem to agree with your link about the priest standing in for the person of Christ). I'm confused.


Nothing was deleted Ally... I'll check spam filters when near a computer...

Sent via DROID on Verizon Wireless... expect fat finger induced spelling mistakes...



I looked and saw no evidence that you had posted something that was then removed, deleted or filtered. None.

So I can't explain what took place.


I welcome you to comment again.

The only comments I remove are those considered to be spam (peddling web-sites) or those that are obscene...

Given your loyalty to this blog, I would not have deleted anything you had posted... so again, sorry you experienced this... please post your thoughts again.

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