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Tuesday, April 05, 2011


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graham came to notice during the clinton impeachment and was like a dog in heat, probably thinking his stature would be enhanced, and it was. he went back to SC and sat idle for a few years and then ran for the senate seat. now, we're stuck with this idiot for as long as the dumb-asses of SC keep electing him to the senate seat he does not deserve nor did he earn.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

I’m in love.

Would you, Miss Barnhardt, take this Godless Heathen to be your husband???

You had me at "You jackass".


Ms Barnhardt sounds a lot like me when I get on a rant, but she uses a lot cleaner and better language than I do!

Lindsay the Sissay needs to yank his head out of his blowhole, and take a look at the Constitution or maybe take Ann up on her offer to come gett the whole thang 'splained to his sorry stupid ass.


She is a tea partier without a doubt. It made me very sad to hear and watch this vile woman. It's hard to believe that someone can be this filled with hate.


God Bless you Sister, you tell it exactly as it is. Nancy Grahamnesty and McClame are both non constitutional pretenders to the conservative side of the house.

Screw Politics and Politicians we need more StatesPersons like you!


By the Way, have you considered running for public office, we found out recently that you don't have to have any previous experience and a birth certificate isn't even required!

You are way overqualified as it is and I don't think that you would be influenced by the "beltway" insiders!


I love her! You go gurl. Guys like me will fight right along side of her. I will be burning a kookran soon. To show support.


I can't believe she holds a submachine gun and a rosary with the same hand. She not only defiles the Koran, she also defiles the rosary. Lindsey Graham has served his country more honorably than she ever will. She thought she was going to get a lot of publicity, but the media has just ignored her.

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