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Monday, April 25, 2011


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I don't believe Obama gives a rats rear end what we think.


Same reason he spent 20 years under the teaching of Jeremiah Wright: Obama relates to the ranting hatred. It really resonates with him. The real question is why Obama's advisors don't steer him toward less politically toxic choices. Either he's surrounded by really stupid people, or he is so arrogant he does what he wants regardless of how it will play in Peoria.

Maybe both.


He goes because that is what he believes, he is a racist and his children will learn to be just like him, it's sad to say.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

I do find it most interesting how the reverend never gives an example of the supposed racism of a “Fox News Show host” or Rush Limbaugh. I would think if you’re going to accuse someone of something so inflammatory you should at least give a reason why you believe such. Unless of course, you only have an agenda to spread, flames to fan, and hatred to spew.

Well done Mr. President, you’ve managed to find the perfect replacement for your old pastor. It will be fun watching you try to throw this guy under the bus too…but I’m sure you weren’t present when he said anything controversial either. Just another coincidence in a LONG line of ‘em…historic in fact.

21 months left of this charade.

Kris, in New England

It would never occur to the sycophants who surround him that perhaps they should vette these things ahead of time.

Obama is "The One" - and nothing else matters to these people. He can do what he wants when he wants to - and he'll never listen to someone tell him that perhaps he should do Y instead of X.


"The problem is not solved yet."

Yes, indeed.

The problem of black racism is not solved.

The problem of black paranoia is not solved.

The problem of black sense of entitlement is not solved yet.

The problem of black incitement of hatred and resentment is not solved yet.

The problem of black defamation of dissenters is not solved yet.

...but I suppose he wasn't talking about those problems.


on Obama and his preacher. It's really practice time for listening to Bibi.

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