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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

Behold the righteous antics of the perpetual revolutionaries. They are but one more demonstration away from genuine bliss. Their cause, being true and noble, gains more of the of the public majority’s sympathy and victory is just around the next corner. Just wait, you’ll see.

Because nothing speaks clearer to the tax payer than a grand tantrum by the obviously most grateful and under compensated unionists. Indeed, do not let this crisis go to waste, full steam ahead, yessiree!

So raise your fist in the air, public union man, remind us all how honored we should be to be relieved of our wages. For we know we have not earned it as you, our labor does not compare to your magnificent skills.

Through your display of vociferousness we have realized the errors of our ways and the absurdity of even pondering that you come down a notch closer to where us wretched common folks reside.

Please, continue. A mighty wind is at your backs. Bang those drums, blow those horns, turn up the volume. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME…!!!


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