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Sunday, March 13, 2011


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News Flash! "Multiculturalism a failure in Europe! France, Germany and the UK admit that the cause of multiculturalism is lost!"

Fast forward on the reel a bit further down the tape of reality? And the unshakable and undeniable reality of egalitarianism also becomes apparent. It too is an abject failure.

Life isn't about any levels of appreciable fairness. Nor are forced perspectives reality, regardless of how warm and fuzzy we make them.

How long before the powers that be in our little world of egalitarian equivocation, determine that combat experience has absolutely no value as a prerequisite for command authority.

What the hell, just make them all generals and be done with it! It's only fair right?

Then let's take those who couldn't make it in medical school? And make them doctors. It's only fair right. And besides, our egalitarian and bean counter mentality mandates certain percentages of performance, regardless of reality. Right?

And forget about all that "judge not by the color of the skin, but by the content of the character routine." What lunatic dreamed that up anyway.

Enough said.


Absolutely! There are too many white men sacrificing life and limb to keep us safe. I've lost too much sleep over this. Finally women and minorities will have the opportunity to experience the joys of war. Of course they already have, haven't they? Why do I get the awful feeling that this is yet another stab at WHITE MALES?
Note: I gave birth to five white males years ago. Was I politically incorrect? Of course they went on to become productive, caring men who now serve others, but hey, they are WHITE MALES!!! Off with their heads - speaking of, we may not be too far off with that, too....

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