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Thursday, March 31, 2011


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

Though there are plenty of reasons to like SarahCuda, if the only thing she does right upon being elected is correct the wrong of our long national nightmare of dependence on imported oil, then she will be a great success. As it will dramatically change the very dynamics that affect the most pressing issues of our country today - national security, terrorism and the economy. Throwing in the inevitable closing of the then obsolete and absolute useless Dept. of Energy, (created in 1977 to rid us of foreign oil dependency) it encompasses government spending/deficit reduction to boot.

Drill here, drill now!

Palin ‘12!

Shelly T.

2/3rds of America's oil and gas comes from North America. I know that because the lady in the TV ads said it. And if it's true, then we don't really have a big "foreign" oil problem. Mexico's oil is nearly gone and Canada's is mostly tar sands and the Gulf is re-opened for drilling. What more do you and Palin want?? Obama has given you just about everything you could dream of.
He's even building those tar sands pipelines.

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