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Sunday, March 27, 2011


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couldn't be more true. there are no comparisons and, Mr. Schwerdt is exactly right in dressing down James.


I'm going the other way on this. Team sports are a good metaphor for war. Mr. Schwerdt does himself no good going after Lebron. I suppose he figures it's a way to get people to listen, but really it makes him look silly. He is putting Lebron down then proceeding to meet him at that new lower point.

It seems that it is no longer good to glorify war in any way regardless if you are on the left or the right. This makes it difficult to have universal warrior heroes. If we as a nation gave a proper amount of glory and recognition to our warrior heroes, we wouldn't put athletes up on a higher pedestal and thus feel to knock them down. The athletes aren't the problem. If the soldiers got the respect they deserved, war as metaphor wouldn't make anyone blink.

Mr. Schwerdt is technically right, but really should have known better. He should be angry that society has poor priorities but war as metaphor is a waste of effort. Unless Mr. Schwerdt is from Cleveland, then Lebron is a traitor.........

Chris Vehr

LeBron and many others take themselves a bit too seriously. Innocent quotes like LeBron's are absolutely disrespectful despite his intentions.

Mr. Schwerdt failed to mention that soldiers and Marines do not get paid millions of dollars to put themselves in harm's way. I'd say LeBron's payout qualifies his statement as hyperbole at best and insensitive at worst.

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