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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


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This priest and many like him should change their faith to a protestant or non-denomination church. There is only One Faith and One Church. Common sense is shown on when and who started all these other faiths. Talking with "pastors " about the stand they do not take on abortion, homosexuality or contraception is amazing. It is all about the money$ They confess that "the people" would stop donating. When you lie and water down the Truth of Christ you get liberal PC people. You get people who make there own reforms and make there own religious ideas. The smoke of Satan did enter the Church in a form of liberal protestant views and bending backward to be more like them. Christ words and Church are to be questioned on Faith and Morals. Contraception is widely accepted in the protestant faiths - This is a evil as abortion. A faith that says that they are Christians are heretics and hypocrites if you believe in abortion, homosexuality, contraception - these are evil and satanic.

chuck aka xtnyoda

I went over and read the rest... and said "hey."

Thanks for the read.

Steve B

I'd take some issue with lumping all "mainstream" protestant churches together under this umbrella. There is, unfortunately, a growing "emergent" or "postmodern" church movement which absolutely fits the bill described here, but there is an equally strong Calvinist/traditionalist core that is actively opposing the "humanizing" of the Gospel into a bunch of useless, touch-feely gibberish.

They tend to get labeled, rather derisively, as "fundamentalist" by the more "enlightened" Fr. Flannels of the post-modern church, but they are really just Biblical literalists who oppose the watering down of the Truth in the name of being more "seeker friendly."


I think the church (and by church I mean ORGANIZED religion) is suffering what an astute observer called the Paralysis of Analysis. Way back whenever, someone decided he knew more than God and began to make what was plain very difficult. For instance, when I read the Gospels, I am filled with the Spirit of love and compassion, and a desire to do as Christ did, Who went around making things beautiful and better. Those who wish to foist on the world a different Christ have a totally different agenda!

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