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Thursday, February 03, 2011


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Morgan K Freeberg

This is exactly the kind of thing I use as a defense when people accuse me of using the word "insanity" too broadly. Don't build the next power plant because...because...because. Carbon, climate, endangered snail, if wind power isn't good enough for us then it damn well oughta be......list goes on and on and on.

And then we have rolling blackouts.

When that happens, we've got a lot of people running around, free to vote as you & me, who chalk it up to "corporate greed." They have a say in deciding what we're going to do, so we end up not building power plants and just waiting for the next brown-out or blackout. It happens again and we all act so shocked. It would be cute if it didn't hurt people.

Apologies to those who argue (sometimes quite persuasively) that the I-word should be held to its clinical standard. When your method of addressing a problem brings about an effective and beneficial outcome less often than a random-chance decision-making method would, how can you possibly call it sane?

Pile of Pooh

As a native Texan, I am increasingly an advocate of preemptive secession -- we should act now to avoid the rush.

The EPA has become the equivalent of jack-booted thugs, increasingly implementing non-sensical policies in a bid to justify their existence. I heard yesterday that they've now decided dairy farmers have to build containment curbs and implement remediation plans for spilled milk -- since milk is now apparently a hazardous substance.

Time to say bye-bye to these idiots, my fellow Texans. We can't get rid of them at this point; they're too firmly entrenched. But we can take our toys and leave before they burn the house down.


So a large number of schools and businesses closed due to the weather and we have rolling blackouts. Makes you wonder what will happen come August when every A/C unit in the state is going.


Sometimes I wonder if underneath it all, the EPA isn't in the business of thinning out the population (i.e. killing people). Oh, they would never come near to being that upfront about it, but really, when your goal is to prevent people from having enough power to keep themselves from freezing or dying of heat stroke, what other rationale could there be?


Well, it looks like as of this morning, the Mexicans have reneged. What will we do?

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Come Sunday I’d love to see the Super Bowl suffer a blackout. That’ll give everyone a sense of what is happening to our country.


Truthfully, if they never played another Super Bowl game ever, I could care less. But you can bet they won't let that happen. They will re-route half of America's
power grid to keep that from happening and to cover their tracks while it is going on.


There's no way Texas, with our own power grid, should have such blackouts, planned or otherwise - especially since peak demand this week " still well below the grid's 2010 summer peak of 65,715 megawatts." (according to Reuters). Not a record, not even close.

I thought the info in this article by Kate Gilbraith
was interesting.

Especially this note: "ERCOT has balked at releasing [a list of specific supplier outages] to the press. “There is competitive information that can be gleaned if their competitors are aware that they are out of service,” Doggett said."

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