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Tuesday, February 08, 2011


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

The DOE has identified Arabic as a ‘language of the future.’

Based on what? What utter nonsense. The Arabic language is, and will always be, nothing more than what is spoken in that part of the world that breeds poverty, totalitarian regimes and terrorism.

Besides oil, what products, services or technologies (suicide bombers doesn’t count) is presently being exported from Arabic speaking countries? Is there projected to be an explosion (pardon the pun) of date fruit eating?

Love the answer by the brain dead blonde woman. She couldn’t think of anything to say, (no harm in that actually) but then, as if the light bulb went on, quickly remembers and just lazily regurgitates the ole liberal bumper sticker slogan of “Think globally, act locally”. What the eff that even means. Just like your Che tee shirt, ‘War is Not The Answer’, ‘Free Healthcare for everyone won’t cast a dime‘, ‘We’re all gonn’a die because of Global Warming’ nonsense, it’s all bullsh*t!

But OK, Sunshine, let’s go full speed ahead with that shall we? How about your daughter, and you for that matter, gets to enjoy wearing a burka, is forced to marry their cousin at age twelve (after some awesome genital mutilating of course), is forbidden to leave the house without a male companion related to them, and certainly forget about her getting a decent job…Shall I go on, maybe include what your son would go through also, or is that “Thinking globally” enough for you, ya’ bint?


$10 says it won't be a week of these classes before some young wag is sent to the office for spouting, "dirka dirka!"

Hell, I know I would.

randy allen

No Thanks. I am seriously happy with speaking english. If I EVER need to learn another language it will be at my own choice at my own time.


This sounds like a bad program HOWEVER it would be nice to get some Non-muslim Arabic speakers for translation in national security positions. THat, however, should be by CHOICE not edict.


If a young person wants to learn Arabic, they can join the military and go to the Army Language School in Monterey, Cliffornia. The problem with this is: what would the children be learning in these classes? Most likely the initial instruction would be the general grammatical stuff, although I don't know if that language has a grammatical structure. If it's anything like the society it represents, I would say that would be a big "NO". Sooner or later, the instruction would turn religious and then the brain-washing begins.


What. The. Hell. Seriously.

The point of learning foreign languages in school used to be that such languages were economically advantageous, i.e. they were useful in travel and in transacting business. That's why German, French and Spanish were once the big three. More recently the shift has been away from German and into Mandarin Chinese as China has become a major business partner.

But Arabic?I Unless someone thinks there is going to be a sudden boom in travel to Arabic speaking countries, or we are soon to be doing a lot of business with Arabic speaking countries, the only justification I can see is the goal of indoctrinating schoolkids into embracing Arabic culture.

Which is so many kinds of wrong I can't begin to discuss it without using four letter words.

What an appalling use of federal funds.

Bill Long

Given the public schools' consistently demonstrated inability to teach ANYTHING useful (take, for example, English), why would anyone think that they will now succeed in teaching something useful about Arabic? I'll bet serious coin that these schools can't get past teaching their students how to distinguish among the first five letters of the Arabic alphabet (or whatever it is called).


You guys are great. Since Bush issued about 10 Arabic Grants, I guess he is an enemy alien also. Funny how the complaints start only when a democrat does something, or is just Obama that you hate so much that truth no longer matters? Brutally honest? How about intellectually dishonest?


Intellectually dishonest? Sounds like something that you are familiar with Jeff. As you must know the difference between budgetary grants for Muslim related issues? As opposed to budgetary grants to put forth a Muslim agenda in the public schools.

See there, it only took a minute for your mind to catch up with point that now didn't it.


Tim wrote "The Arabic language is, and will always be, nothing more than what is spoken in that part of the world that breeds poverty, totalitarian regimes and terrorism."
Of all the arab speakers that I have met all over the world I have not met a single hateful or angry individual. In fact all were extreamly generous, slefless and as kind as any other decent human being I've known. Such sad ignorant comments....have you ever spent time with an arab or in the middle east as a non combatant? Doubtful. good luck in life "Tim".

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