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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


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Boortz has proven that the "cross hairs" on the Palin map very, very closely resemble the "princple point" symbol used in survey maps per the US Geological Survey. Boortz's opinion piece from his website:

Bruce Majors

For Immediate Release

DNC press spokesperson Lennie Wryfin-Stalled issued a press clarification on earlier statements by Democrats blaming the Arizona tragedy on Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and people who refuse to watch MSNBC.

"In light of new evidence that accused shooter Jared Lee Loughner had been obsessed with Congresswoman Gifford since 2007, we wish to apologize for saying a graphic used by Sarah Palin's PAC led to the tragedy.

"Clearly it was instead Sarah Palin's inaugural speech as president of the Wasila, Alaska PTA that is responsible."

Lennie Wryfin-Stalled
Ass. Dir. Communications
Democratic National Committee
430 S Capitol St SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 479-5100
(202) 863-8000
(202) 224-2447

Random Thoughts

Any ammunition (no matter how contrived) the left can use against Sarah Palin will be eagerly deployed. It's all about destroying her political career.

Gayle Miller

Sarah, bless her heart, scares the living peewadden out of the Dems. It's actually kind of fun to watch, albeit not so pleasant for her.

The Pima County Sheriff needs to get a grip as does Paul Krugman. These people are promoting and furthering a narrative that is just so completely devoid of facts and sensitivity. Shame on the Sheriff and shame on Krugman. And in particular, shame on the loons of Westboro Baptist who plan to picket the funerals of those killed! In what universe is this behavior rational or acceptable?

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