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Monday, December 20, 2010


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The ultimate irony. George held off committing federal intervention resources of command and control, so as not to be portrayed a racist for intervening in the 'chocolate city.'

And he still was portrayed a racist.

Which just goes to prove the reality that there is nothing that can be done right or properly in government, when you are dealing with black inner city populations and the race pimps who perpetuate the culture.


At the time -- before the hurricane hit the city -- and as reported in the New Orleans newspaper (and I read it with my own eyes), when Gov. Blanco and Mayor Nagin called the news conference to announce the ordered evacuation of the city, they both took pains to "pin the blame" for the evacuation on Bush. That is, they wanted everyone to understand that they had ordered the evacuatio *only because* Bush had finally pressured then to so.

The fact is, before the city was hit, neither of them actually believed it could be hit -- they both believed that hoodoo BS that N.O. was "protected" by an ancient voodoo blessing. The fact is, they both wanted Bush to take the blame, and to feel the ire of N.O. residents, when it turned out (as they falsely believed) that evacuation was never called for.

marianne dagher

All the hatred and venom of the Press in the days of Bush are seen now as baseless and exaggerated. How uniformly they moved to disrupt and detroy his presidency.

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