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Thursday, December 16, 2010


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I have one minor question. If the red tape that was preventing this woman from coming to America? Was the fact that their marriage was never consumated? Then how was the child born the son of the dead Marine?

I have assumed that she must have gotten pregnant while he was in Okie and then they weren't married until after he deployed. But that has never been clarified in any of the reports that I have read.

tim aka The Godless Heathen


Good on Hotaru for making what must have been a very difficult decision to leave Okinawa and raise her son in Tenn.

Great picture, love the little dress blues.


Hota and Michael met in early 2007. She visited his family at Christmas 2007.

He got sent to Iraq in may 2008. They didn't know it yet, but Hota was already pregnant. After they learned about the baby, Hota and Michael were married in July 2008. He was killed in action one month later. Mikey was born in January 2009.

So the couple consummated before their marriage.

I wrote about this at Wizbang before Rick did and at a milblog called ROK Drop more recently. Do a search for Hotaru Ferschke, you'll find many articles there telling her story and the battle Robin Ferschke fought to get justice for her son and his family.

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