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Sunday, November 28, 2010


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Fr Patrick of Monterey

I don't think Ms Booth's conversion to Islam has much to do with the limits of behavior. She accurately describes the experience in Iran in terms relating to morphine, not exactly a compliment to any religion or deity. The comments about the article are fascinating and well worth a read. I would love to see a discussion between Ayann Hirsi Ali and Lauren Booth--in an apartment far away from religious centers and about six months from now.


Christianity's failure to set boundaries? Me thinks not. Christian boundaries are clearly established in scripture, so nothing has been left remiss by the religion IMO.

It is our conscious decision as individuals and as a society, to choose to openly disobey Christian scripture that has led to our own demise.

And the social reinforcing of the reasons why we should continue to disobey Christian scriptural teachings. These are what are really at the base of the relative comparison of why Islam is considered more preferable to a lax Christianity by these converts.

One of the many reasons that Christians are hated by Muslims? Is our debased social and moral values and our failure to control and limit the participation of women in our societies.

So this individual postulates that the appeal of Islam is the strictness of the Muslim faith?

I would place that theory right next to the musings of one Marquis De Sade.

These women must only be seeking what they long for and deserve. Right?

Try hustling that on the present day street corners of America.

chuck aka xtnyoda

Those that are burned out from their own excesses often look for a savior in legalistic regulation from a strong authority figure.

They desire to be saved from themselves.

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