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Saturday, October 30, 2010


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Morgan K Freeberg

I see something besides the intolerance. I see the delusion that comes with thinking the stuff the author is saying, is to be received by whatever audience it reaches, with some measure of surprise. But here on Planet Earth -- the idea that a liberal isn't going to be receptive to a dissenting idea?

If the Good Lord invented the yawn for just one thing, this might be that thing.

It definitely gets an eyeball roll outta my fine self.


Two things come immediately to mind....

First, I beleive this is what Peter is saying in the second chapter of his second epistle....

"just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies", and "They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity.."

Luckily, Peter also describes these "men" and details the special place set aside just for them...

"These men are springs without water and mists driven by a storm. Blackest darkness is reserved for them"

Secondly....the first thought that popped into my head was...

"Well what do you expect from the same denomination that puts such an emphasis on prospective clergy being able to adequately describe their 'junk'?"



Oh and Mr. Spong is a little confused about the type of government we have here in America.....

"demanding a vote on the rights of full citizenship because they do not understand the difference between a constitutional democracy, which this nation has"...

Sorry Spong-y...but what we've got here is a constitutional REPUBLIC...not a democracy...

But hey..compared to all that other crap he's spewing...this was ALMOST least he remembered that we do HAVE a Constitution....


Oh..and another thing (Gotta love Pepsi Max at 0430...)

Isn't this JUST TYPICAL for a libtard? When their arguments (or ideas) are rejected..they just declare the debate over and refuse to participate any more.

Somebody must have his frilly bits in a bunch fearing that the coming liberal slaughterama will be the death knell for his hopes to mainstream the "gay agenda"...


I wonder.....why do I have visions of this man.....standing in front of his bedroom mirror....reciting his diatribe. While stroking his rainbow flag and pretending that he has truly been blessed with some "new knowledge and new consciousness" as a true born again Christian.

We will never know, nor do we need to. But God is watching.

Tim Chesterton

Well, first of all, the Pope would definitely get a bigger press because he's the Pope. Spong, no matter how much he would like to be bigger than the Pope, is not.

Second, isn't this piece actually quite old? I recall it coming out a couple of years ago, unless I'm not much mistaken. And if I remember correctly, at least in the Anglican media it did get quite a bit of attention at the time.

Third, many of my liberal Anglican friends find Spong an embarrassment. It's quite possible (many do) to take a more liberal line on homosexuality while at the same time being in complete agreement with every item of the Nicene Creed and traditional Christian orthodoxy. But in my view Spong ceased to be a Christian a long time ago. His twelve theses (see here) are far more shocking to me than his diatribe about homosexuality, and many moderate and liberal Anglicans have roundly criticised them, including the current Archbishop of Canterbury.


"I have made a decision. I will no longer debate the issue of homosexuality in the church with anyone."

I'll bet God on Judgment Day will want to engage him on the topic. Hopefully Spong will make an exception concerning his "no-debate" rule on that occasion.


Hmmmm....out of curiosity, I popped on over to the link provided (some site called "Walking With Integrrity"?!?) and perused the comments....

WOW! If you want to see the narrow-minded, intolerance the left accuses US of, go ahead and read the "comments"....they are ALL in agreement with this barrel of shinola.....Lots of commenta along the lines of:

"Amen, Bishop Spong. Thank you for being so BRAVE and AUTHENTIC in your Christianity. May I give your merkin (google it beotches..heh) a cat-bath?"

Being a contrarian..I wanted to weigh in with at least ONE "Y'all are friggin nutso"...BUT....New comments have been disabled for a 9 day old post by the Administrator!!!! Wanna bet any "dissenters" were purged from the ranks before forever enshrining the "unanimity" of praise heaped upon the Bishop for-evah?


Spong is still alive?? My word.

chuck aka xtnyoda

Is he still a Bishop in the Episcopal church? If so, at his obvious request, they should do whatever they do to remove his title and remove his name from their roll of members.

Then they should enact a judgment worse that for him would be worse than death itself... they should from now on... ignore him.


I think Morgan has the proper response. Spong is like baby declaring victory so he doesn't have to play any more.

Tim is right about the Pope (and Spong's desire to be one) and the depth of Spong's heresy being much more troubling than this "Manifesto of Hate." He reveals his hatred of those who disagree with him as he dismisses them as ignorant and backward.

Shifty1, I also waded through the comments and I did find a few dissenters. There is this: "He uses absolutism to try to decry those of us with legitimate concerns." and this: "By all means, speak your heart and your mind and your experience, but don't manipulate portions of the Holy Writ as a means of their justification." and this: "I am offended that this man (Spong) judges me and says that the love I proclaim (for gay people) is a 'lie'." BTW, thanks for the walk through perversion when I googled "merkin".

In the comments you will also find a self-described pagan who says he'd attend Spong's church. Why, of course! 'Cause Spong is a pagan himself.


Spong is the King of the "Burger King Faiths out there. HAVE IT YOUR WAY.


What really irritates me about this is how "brave" and "courageous" this guy tries to portray himself to be, as if there are trains with cattle cars waiting at the station to take those poor persecuted G/L/B/Ts off to death camps to be turned into soap. Please. Save your shuck for the Fuller Brush route, Spong. It isn't anything new here.


BroKen...glad to be of service.... ;) I would have stopped at the wikkipedia definition and refused to wade any deeper....


I did. It was enough!

Stephen J.

In all fairness, I understand the desire to say, "I'm not going to argue about this any more," out of exasperation and exhaustion and recognition that no minds are going to be changed on either side of the debate.

Spong reminds me of nothing so much as the parodied clergyman in Lewis' THE GREAT DIVORCE:

"When the doctrine of the Resurrection ceased to commend itself to the critical faculties which God had given me, I preached my famous sermon. I defied the hierarchy. I took every risk."

"What risk? What was at all likely to come of it except what actually came -- sales for your book, popularity, TV interviews, and finally a bishopric?"

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