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Thursday, October 21, 2010


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

For the most part I like Mr. Williams on FOX News. Obviously I don’t agree with the man much but he tends to make his point without being an obnoxious, shortsighted fool like Alan Colmes. (Dude would stick up for NAMBLA if given the chance.)

I tend to think this incident was but the last straw for NPR. Williams tends to not tow the typical Liberal line and has run afoul of other Lefty organizations.

Their loss, good luck Juan.

chuck aka xtnyoda

As someone has noted... "liberals" have forgotten what "liberalism" is supposed to mean... you know... "open-mindedness"... willingness to consider other viewpoints... all that former demeaning, condescension.

Now "liberalism" has descended into... "tow-the-party-line!"

The former "openness" is now seen by "liberals" as... criminal.... "freedom of speech" has flown the coop... and more importantly... "freedom of conscience" is now openly under assault... by "liberals" of all people.

Random Thoughts

Day-um...I never thought I'd feel sorry for a liberal, but I do now. It is of course just more evidence that it's impossible to be liberal and express any honest independent thoughts; your fellow liberals will cull you from the herd.


This should be publicized on every news network so the American Public which is apathetic to these things...stands up...takes notice and expresses their outrage....

Morgan K Freeberg

...your fellow liberals will cull you from the herd.

Exactly. Prerational.

Mr. Williams has been ostracized and flung outside the village gates, which are now closed to him. He has been found unworthy of his subsistence-level ration of collectively shared foodstuffs. The elders have spoken, the oncoming winter will take care of the rest. Let the lesson stand to all the rest who are still in the village's good graces...for now.

Liberalism is the polar opposite of what it pretends to be.

Morgan K Freeberg

Ah, the best thing Huckabee has done since the day I first heard about him.

Go Huck. Let them be as prerational as they wanna be, just not on my dime.


Looks like Juan landed on his feet. New two million contract with Fox and the NPR just keeps rolling along on our dime.

Kinda made me think about Obama's recollections of his grandmother as a 'typical white person.'

Apparently, black people like Juan can have those unjustifiable fears about other people too.

Who-da thunk it.


Liberalism is not being open minded or tolerant. Liberalism is excepting anything and seeing it as truth. There will always be a right and wrong and nothing can change that - murder (abortion), stealing, adultery, homosexuality and etc. Liberals are all for the double standard and against anything with common sense. Mr. Williams was a friend of Fox and he paid for it. Liberals see abortion as a choice, drugs are a choice, socialism and communism as a choice when in the end they are all harmful to mankind and sinful.

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