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Sunday, October 17, 2010


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I think...this is overthinking the matter. The students are driven, and feel ruined. Perhaps they are underperforming, feel like failures who can't live up to their own hype... They struggle with cutting, eating disorders, drinking problems, and may be set off by a loss of love or failure to achieve a goal they set out to achieve.

Loss of hope or loss of belief existed before the scientific revolution, it is at most indirectly assisted by any desire to study science or the environment, even studies afftected by idiotic politically contaminated notions. No, her research was lame, the paper didn't go over, she didn't get the job, her shield of perfection pierced, she was so narcissistc she couldn't go on with the shame of being revealed ordinary.


Just thought I would add, a quick check of her still up-and running facebook profile provides hints to a very old-fashioned and rather banal reason to end it all - she was disappointed in love. Her heart was broken.



Do you have a link to this profile? My search comes up with a single profile that isn't viewable by the public...

Ted M.

young people become aware of the world they live in and quite often it is too much or the fight for true freedom seems way too big. so saying "we may never know why young people commit suicide" is a bit naive don't you think?

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