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Friday, October 22, 2010


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

While I’m here, in the People’s Republic of New York, looking at Chucky Schumer maintaining his seat and the former head of HUD under Clinton, Cuomo, becoming our Governor, it would give me great pleasure if this idiot, Reid, is ceremoniously kicked out on his a$$.

chuck aka xtnyoda

    THE PSYCHOPATH - The Mask of Sanity

    Special Research Project of the Quantum Future School

    Imagine - if you can - not having a conscience, none at all, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what you do, no limiting sense of concern for the well-being of strangers, friends, or even family members. Imagine no struggles with shame, not a single one in your whole life, no matter what kind of selfish, lazy, harmful, or immoral action you had taken.

    And pretend that the concept of responsibility is unknown to you, except as a burden others seem to accept without question, like gullible fools.

    Now add to this strange fantasy the ability to conceal from other people that your psychological makeup is radically different from theirs. Since everyone simply assumes that conscience is universal among human beings, hiding the fact that you are conscience-free is nearly effortless.

    You are not held back from any of your desires by guilt or shame, and you are never confronted by others for your cold-bloodedness. The ice water in your veins is so bizarre, so completely outside of their personal experience, that they seldom even guess at your condition.

    In other words, you are completely free of internal restraints, and your unhampered liberty to do just as you please, with no pangs of conscience, is conveniently invisible to the world....

Now, now Harry... you are exposing yourself.


Tim.....there is always "Escape from New York."


ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is here to haunt us all and its plague has permeated every corner of the United States. This subject is not just a grave job threat in principle cities, but has broadened to every neighborhood. Voting for Liberal Democrats as Senator Harry Reid of Nevada will summon millions more illegal aliens to break into America. Returning Insider Incumbents will convey another immediate--economy killing AMNESTY.Harry Reid is a liar and has been involved in questionable practices. Hey Harry, your state has the worst unemployment and the most foreclosures in the country. Many legislators have protected illegal aliens including Reid, Sen.Barney Frank that forced through the legislation forcing banks to lend to high-risk borrowers (Low Income mortgagees) which has destroyed our housing market. U.S. Senate candidate who were able to get low or no payment mortgages from HUD, with limited paperwork to qualify them. The laissez-faire fringe press that is associated with editors at the Huffington Press, Los Angeles Times is bountifully supplied with money from Billionaire George Soros. He is using his influence to corrupt our children in our schools and even our churches with his Socialism dogma, which has devastated countries like France and Greece.

Newspapers that always term--ILLEGAL ALIENS, as "Undocumented or simply Immigrants or non-citizen" rather than the truth as criminal illegal aliens, always stand out as the Liberal medium and its editorial authors as open border zealots. These types of newspapers attempt calculatedly confuse this issue. The Los Angeles Times corporate headquarters is in the Sanctuary City as numerous other Liberal oriented presses situated in Denver, New York and Chicago and maybe seventy others. The Liberal presses have occupied themselves with sob-stories about illegal aliens, or pointing to the virtues of the invasion. The reality is ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE TAKING JOBS FROM YOU, in both blue and white collar jobs and across the board. Many have filtered into Trade Unions and these jobs have been accepted by personages like AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and others. In his Socialist thought process Trumka has determined for his union that the unauthorized status of an illegal alien participation doesn't matter.

Regrettably the regular union labor has almost no say in the matter and I as a blogger, became quickly "Persona non-Gratis" and no longer allowed to place any commentary on their website about this incendiary issue. Confidently my hope is that Union members have not fully been indoctrinated by the Union bosses, and are aware that their Guild dues are used for the good of Liberals. Union fees going Senator Reid (NV); Boxer (CA); Feingold (WI); Bennett (CO); Inouye (HI)Lincoln (AR)); Mikulski (MD); Gillibrand (NY); Schumer (NY) Wyden (OR) Leahy (VT); Murray (WA) and Majority Speaker Pelosi. New Politicians, Governors, Mayors, Police Chiefs and other elected officers, city managers are pro-amnesty and Gubernatorial hopeful Jerry Brown is pro-Amnesty, so is Gavin Newsom, and have all catered to illegal immigrants by granting them access to welfare and all social services destined for taxpaying citizens.

Commencing now we must be very thorough in watching for voter fraud, as it has already been detected in Houston, Texas and other locations. We cannot depend or rely on the "honor System" anymore as in last ten years. GOOGLE--Voter fraud and illegal alien costs--specially the 2.6 Trillion dollars for the Liberal push for Amnesty and witness the growing incidents within the Democrat party of voter fraud. Another episode quickly concealed was just hours after the Yuma Sun newspaper Reported that 3000 voter registrations had been vacated at the Yuma County Recorder’s Office by a group allied with the SEIU union (with most of them consequently found to be fraudulent.) As yet I haven't revealed any voter fraud other than in the Democratic registrations. This is a distressed struggle through fraud to get an upper hand in the midterm election.

In fact President Obama's Department of Justice have hassled Tea Party members watching for voting irregularities, but little or nothing about straight forward intimidation by the newly organized Black panthers gangs wielding clubs. As you would guess the majority of national press has not publicized any of these severe incidents and therefore you can only dig the dirt up in the Google/Yahoo archives, E-magazines and unbiased open border media. We need serious oversight in all polling locations and at least one independent officer to police the registrations and absentee ballots, owing to the sudden appearance of voter fraud. We should have a federal law for every district in America, to have Independent polling watchers as does Harris County, Texas. Our Vote exists to protect the right to vote and the integrity of the election process, but if its compromised by extremists the loss to our democracy be great.

A spokesman for the Harris County Watchers state, “We have uncovered likely violations of law in Harris County including non-citizens registering to vote, potential forgeries in voter applications, and multiple registrations for the same person. We have provided law enforcement authorities evidence of this activity, and we hope they act to remedy the problem as soon as possible." This is urgently significant in states with massive populations of illegal aliens, because they have voted and will again, as they are desperate to keep Liberals-Democrats in Washington, to support the passing of--AMNESTY.


Who's delusional now? You've been conned by the pollsters. Ha ha ha! Sucker! Long live Harry Reid!

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