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Saturday, August 21, 2010


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Not me. He is his father's son and his father was a disgrace to the office, until barack obama showed up. George the younger, was not the kind of president I could understand, and it wasn't because he was from Texas. He is globalist, New World Order kind of guy and didn't do anything of an auspicious nature, while in office, to warrant anyone, in my opinion, to ever pine for him to do anything other than stay on his ranch and clear brush. Good bye, George and please stay away.


I miss him too. The Very Purest Conservatives - who believe they're the Very Best Americans (just like the Very Purest Catholics who think they're more Catholic than the Pope) will always hate Bush because he dared to be the president of the whole country and not just his Obama.

The Very Purest Conservatives are a lot like the far left. No tolerance for any positions other than their Very Pure positions. They forget it now, but once upon a time Reagan wasn't a good enough American for them, either.


A real President and one with class and pride in American. Not a socialist bowing fool.


Your first paragraph sums it up for me also. As does all that follows. Though short in stature, George W Bush is a big man. And he towers above the one who sits in the office now and always will.


Locutisprime, W is 6' (or 5'11", depending what source is quoted). I don't think that's short in anyone's book.


The liberal media will not allow George W to receive any honor in what he was able to accomplish after 911, we should all be thankful that we did not have someone who cower in the face of terrorism like Obama would have if he were the president during the terrorists attacks from radical muslims.

Could you imagine the apologies from Gibbs and the White House?


He looked so young in 2001.

I miss him too and will always be grateful that his signature is on my retirement papers.

William J Chunko

God Bless You George Bush!


I would add this video...

...can you imagine the current president doing the same for his staff?

Uncle Fred

He made many mistakes. He is a progressive. He is a big government politician. He was completely wrong on amnesty.

He loves this country. He put everything on the line to fight a just war and keep this country safe. He believed in the goodness and greatness of this nation. He was humble in his office and he respected all of us. Even though I disagreed with him on many issues I respect him in turn.

Was he perfect? No far from it. But we knew where he stood, even when we thought he was dead wrong. He was a leader. He drove me crazy, but he earned my respect. I think that twenty years down the road history will recognize that W as a solid president, who shouldered an immense burden and carried it with honor, courage and humility.


He was a man of class.

And, really, a tissue alert would've been nice for that last video. My husband came home from Afghanistan last month. Emotions are still raw.


Funny how the media failed to notice but the last combat troops left Iraq in the last week or so. There's still quite a few men and women there in an "advisory" capacity (and, clearly, they could quickly "become" combat oriented) but, for the most part Iraq, "the lost war" has been won.

Not by the Left or Obama, who opposed every aspect of it with bilious comments and deprecations at every turn, with glee at every negative sign and no mention of any positive sign.

But by Bush.

Further, like Reagan before him, his means of doing it were somewhat at odds with his own party and people. There were plenty who said it was lost even on his own side, but he set a course and followed it, and turned out to be correct.

Not that anyone on the left will ever grant him credit for that.


haha! you said buttressed. anyway... stupid republican. oops. redundant!

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