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Friday, June 25, 2010


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He is only pointing out what any reasonably intelligent and reasonably informed person already knows. Yes, it is coming and yes, it will be full tilt and all out this time around.

Not like the 60's when Israel took out Syria and Egypt and Jordan and everyone else sat back and watched.

This time around the Israelis will go full out and strike at the heart of all who are prepared to destroy them, including the Syrians and Lebanon.

Iran already has nuclear weapons. They have had them since before Bush left office and those following world events and reading between the lines know that and have known it for a while.

And yes, just as soon as Israel comes after Iran, Iran will lash out at American assets and tankers in the gulf and anything they can attack before they go under. And they will make their big splash with their nukes.

(Stupid bass turds never considering that what they shoot at Israel drifts right back onto them.)

Is this president prepared? for that Hell no. And everyone knows it. Including our enemies. Watch what is about to happen in Afghanistan with his new general, then ask yourself what is going to happen when the world goes to war in the middle east.

The only thing that might save us at that point, will literally be a 'coup d'état' And quite frankly? I don't think that we have the generals capable of pulling that off right now.

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