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Sunday, May 30, 2010


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Organized religion is organized of human beings. Human beings are flawed. Therefore, organized religion will be flawed, too. One must accept this fact and learn to live with it. My solution to this conundrum is that I found a church that is liturgical (something I LOVE because it is an orderly service), charismatic (in that we aren't the frozen chosen, we lift our hands in worship if we feel so moved by the spirit but we don't judge or look down on those who don't feel so moved) and grounded in the Word (as in, our rector and associate rector ALWAY preach from the Word with solid, orthodox messages, not political/community/activist mesages). That does not mean that we don't do anything. To the contrary, 10% of everything we take in goes out to thoroughly vetted missions - local, national and global. Our church is HUGELY involved in the community but most wouldn't know it since we do it without the fanfare that many churches do. As Fr. Don (rector) said today: works do not create salvation, but salvation should create works. Are we flawed as a church? Of course we are. We are human, after all. But we are grounded in the Word and carrying out His call to us. That's all I can ask or expect in this life (as opposed to the next one that we will spend with Him).


You are having such a beautiful journey. It's intensity inspires me. Thank you for sharing it.

Tim Chesterton

I couldn't agree more, Rick. I especially liked this line in the Anchoress' piece: 'It is a challenge to look past our own comfortable and self-righteous sense that God thinks just as we do'. As someone once said, 'If your God seems to agree with all of your opinions, he's probably a figment of your imagination!'



Organized religion is spelled out in great detail by God in the Pentateuch. It might be said that the next 34 books of the OT describe the corruption in principle (not necessarily in ceremony) of that organization.

The gospels describe how Jesus obeyed the law in every detail; He followed the “organized” religion. The next 23 books of the NT give insight into the principle (with some detail) of organized religion.

It is best illustrated (to me) by the tension between Duet 14:22 (and others) regarding the Tithe and Leviticus 19:9-10 regarding not harvesting to the corners of the field as a demonstration of their love and provision of the poor. The difference between the Law and Grace

In so much as “organized religion” was intended to demonstrate for man the nature and character of God, at its best, it is corrupted by our inability to reflect or even comprehend the subject (God).

In summary, organized religion is not the problem, we are. Hebrews 10:25 instructs us that spirituality in isolation from other believers is not only important, it should be encouraging.


I have to agree with most of that, and I know what you've been through. My husband and I finally found a church that does most of it well (not perfectly). Worship, doctrine, community, outreach. It's such a relief to have been welcomed with open arms like long lost siblings, and spurred to do stuff from gratitude. I can't even begin to describe the relief and the strength we draw and are able to give back.

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