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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


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Not to worry...things will spring back...(a Mid Mom)


I hate to see this happen.
The Herndon Climb has been a vital tradition of the Naval Academy since I was a kid.
And to place a "no injury" shield on the activity?
Will they ban the carrying of weapons by cadets?
Will they abolish weapons training?
The whole idea is nuts.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

“Vice Adm. Jeffrey Fowler, the departing academy superintendent, instructed the midshipmen not to grease the obelisk this year. It was a gesture of his dissatisfaction with an event that, for all its rich, greasy history, has raised safety concerns with academy leaders.”

Let me get this straight, the Vice Adm., and the academy he commands, is responsible for training leaders to be prepared to lead men into…war? But he thinks climbing a greased pole is too much of a safety concern!?!

Do I really need to bang my keyboard any further regarding the hypocrisy involved here…anyone need further clarification on that…anyone?

~ ~ ~ ~


Thank you to your son and to you for raising such a man.

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