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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


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I"m having a tough time convincing myself that liberalism/ statism/ progressivism/ marxism is anything but wicked."

Obviously you would have a hard time with this because the simple fact is that they are indeed wicked and evil.


Do we need anymore proof that islam is a peaceful "religion".


Pure Evil.


She tried very hard to come off as moderate and harmless, but in the end, her hatred of Jews won out and she exposed herself, just as Horowitz knew she would. As have all the other MSA students attending his speeches at other colleges.

Even when they are honest, the Americans won't listen, won't face the truth, won't believe that Muslims are not peaceful and do not want peace with anyone who is not of Islam or won't allow themselves to subjugated to Sharia.

Oh how long ago 9/11 seems.

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