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Monday, May 17, 2010


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Locutisprime was entrapment all the way.



Don't buy a word. She brought up the MSA and it's relationship to Hezbola and Hamas, She brought up her involvement with the "Hitler Youth Week", ahe wore the "Arafat gang colors", identifying her sympathy with that evil, it's all on her. The fact that she was no intellectual or philosophical match for Mr. Horowitz is on her, and no one else. She should have kept seated and silent if she did not expect to be challenged.


Nope. She's either a terrorist herself or a terrorist supporter. Doesn't matter what she writes. Actions speak louder than words, and the fact that she was wearing Arafat colors is an action with a very loud and very clear message.


am not buying it, whatever she says. the organization she represents has had time to reflect on how badly they were portrayed. as with any group who works at control, of its members, media etc, this group is not unlike the radical groups of the 60's. pure thought is not allowed and it wouldn't surprise me to see this female person ejected from the group, for letting Mr. Horowitz get the better of her. although, any person who wishes to debate Mr. Horowitz had better get their homework done and done perfectly, if they think their intellectual capacity is greater than his. this girl was "cannon fodder".


Jumanah, don't start with the whole "victimizing" tactic. It reminds me of the co-dependent alcoholic who says, "You made me hit you. You made me angry."
You said very slowly and deliberately the words, "For it." Nobody conned you into anything. Take responsibility for your actions and stop playing the abuser game. You only make yourself look foolish.


She is a sad girl who has been brainwashed to hate Jews. She thinks that she is in college and gathering facts and data, but she's selected a path she likely does not understand.

86% of women in Egypt said they believed a man is justified in beating his wife for refusing sex or talking back. I hope this sad girl doesn't suffer that fate just because she does not truly understand the wrath of this angry male dominated culture.

Moshe Dayan

The fat cow meant every word that she uttered. speaking of utters i hope hers are removed with the benefit of anesthesia so she cannot feed her piglets


I can't (obviously) not comment on her involvement in terror related groups or such. But I do as a viewer of the infamous statement she made, have an opinion.

I feel it is disgusting and the frantic backpeddling or falling into the habituary victime role whenever you are called out simply is not convincing.

You are an adult woman for pete's sakes, and you said something civilized peaceloving people would find vile and dispicable. It is clear the word truth or honesty is just not in Jumanah's vocabulary.

You say things, thats fine. You meant them. So no, nothing you say now will make me change my mind. At he end of the day you decided to walk into that room, sit there and and eventually engage in a dialogue with the guy without being under the influence of any drug. Nobody put a gun to your head. As a muslim, you are disgraceful.

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