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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

I’ve begun to notice that these article always include the phrase “partisan battles” as if that has anything thing to do with trusting the government, having “a negative effect on their daily lives” or feeling “the federal government threatened their personal freedom”.

But I suppose it helps the Libs, who invariably write these articles, to make themselves look good and also give cover to Pres. Obama. Who probably will go down as the most partisan president in the last 100 years or so.

Morgan K Freeberg

Yeah, and it's about trusting the government. With the other guys in charge the phrase magically transforms into "have confidence in the Republicans, and we broke this into five or six ranges of competence in which the Republicans all suck ass...according, uh, according to our data, here." With the kiddies in charge it's "trust in the government is at an all time low."

The question isn't whether Obama's toast, the question is how much damage can be avoided as it is demonstrated Obama doesn't know what he's doing. If He can't ask people how well off they they think are...then a randomly chosen finny creature from the pond in your backyard, can beat Him in 2012. The midterms depend on whether He has some hidden trick up His sleeve, and democrats have no hope there, either. The message He wanted to take into the midterms would be one of "Hey, at least I'm not doing any actual damage" -- and the ship has sailed on that one.

He's just not that complex. The only reason it's ever looked like He knows what He's doing, is He comes from a world in which you can do whatever you want as long as you give a good speech. Over time, as is the case with most people possessing this "strength," it's made Him an incurious dolt and it's bleached out of Him whatever humility it would take to say "Alright, this isn't working, what should I do?" Bottom line: Obama's strength is all invested in being a current fad.

Quick: When is the last time you could find a significant crowd-momentum, gathered around a fad that was hot and new two-to-four years previous? Momentum as in, both mass and velocity; large numbers and enthusiasm. Chairman Zero is gonna need both, and it ain't gonna happen.


Morgan, this reminds me of Mayor Koch of NYC four-term fame, who every week would host a radio show and ask, "How am I doing?" And he'd actually listen to complaints, etc. No, he wasn't a great mayor, but at least he had respect for the citizens and was big enough to listen to opposition without getting his panties in a wad.

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