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Monday, April 12, 2010


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Julian Pershing

Hey, as long as they only let them cut on muslimes, I don't think they even need to wipe the instruments off. Frankly, I think that the sniveling, snot-nosed castrati who run the government of England have pretty well sunk their island forever now.
If the diaper heads don't want to work in hospital with certain rules, that's fine, let them toddle on down the road to a McDonalds, a car wash, or a suicide bomb factory. They can find a job at one of those fine places which would suit their talents rather nicely.
And besides, the muzzies I encountered in the UK, all had an aversion to soap and water anyway, going by the evidence.

I'm not dead yet

Separate rules, then, separate hospitals. For the peace of mind of Muslims, there should be hospitals only for muslims staffed by muslims only! Only muslim patients. (I own a funeral home by the way and really could use the business)

Jacob Klinger

/tickled by I'm not dead yet

Nice comment.

The day this stuff starts happening in the US.... let's just not finish that thought.


This semester's class is microbiology for me.

I'm totally shuddering, grossed out, nauseous, etc., at the thought of this.

Bringing us back to the days when blood, gut, pus and ooze encrusted medical garments were considered the mark of excellent surgeons.

I think I need to go running and screaming now.


Any accommodation for the religion of peace.

Nan G

I was looking for whether these Muslims were even washing at all.
Isn't an alcohol-based cleaner required?
Are Muslims exempted from that as well?

Filthy to even think about those sleeves.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Why are devote Muslim women who cannot/will not expose their bare arms (I know that’s a turn on for me) even working as nurses in the first place? Seriously. Why would they want to help us infidels? We disgust them so with our pork eating, dog owning, liquor drinking, lascivious lifestyles. Why would they want to be around us in the first place?

Unless forcing us to bend to their rules is their ultimate goal. Not all Jihad is done with suicide bombs and planes flying into buildings folks. It’s called Silent Jihad and if you value our freedom you should learn all about it.

And/or visit Mr. Spencer's fine web site frequently -


Reading these comments make me feel so blessed that I am a Muslim, the religion of peace and respecting all people no matter where they are, @ Nan G, if you are wondering why we work as nurses to help you disgusting creatures, this should make you think that although we are disgusted by your habits and lifestyle, it doesn't stop us from helping all people what ever is their background, unlike you intolerant, racist. The 2nd thing, if you are well-educated enough you would know that we pray 5 times a day, so we do (Wodoo') wash our arms, feet, mouth, face and hair 5 times a day, we change our underwear twice a day, I'm not trying to use your ways of disrespecting others, if you are a true christian or Jewish you would know that Virgin Mary used to cover her head, all the women from that era covers everything because religion respect woman and don't want her to be like piece of meat to men, walking almost naked and get rapped or bad comments. you guys live in a bubble and the media manipulate your minds, you only know about your celebrities and elections.

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