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Saturday, April 10, 2010


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I think the guy is a fool. You cannot support lowering costs AND forcing insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions. These are contradictory goals.


Actually, they are not mutually exclusive, Ken. But it would take more time to explain than I've got right now.

Just think - competition across state lines, killing lots of stupid government regulations that add to costs. Those are the two main ones.

Berin Rassouid

The most effective step to lower costs
is TORT REFORM. But hypocrite demos prefer
to punish the providers. Everything is
political with these scoundrels.


Mommynator, I'd love to hear your explanation if you get the time. I'm sure you are more in touch with the realities that I am.

I suspect it has something to do with shifting the cost from hospitals who do the care of those without insurance to insurance companies. Then hospitals will charge less even while insurance companies have to charge more. If that is it, then it seems like a wash to me... cost shifting with no cost savings at all.

I am all for competition across state lines, killing stupid regs and OF COURSE, tort reform. But this bill (excuse me, LAW) does none of that.

I have been kicking myself a bit for calling him a "fool". I don't like it but it still seems to fit. His explanation for not supporting the bill has to do with costs incurred at local hospitals, not with any philosophical issues. In fact, he states he supports the bill on those issues. Apparently, if Pelosi had exempted those hospitals in his district, he would have supported it. Sounds like he was hoping to cut a deal like so many others got. He just didn't get his deal.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

“We're loud and obnoxious at times and our reps know EXACTLY how we feel about things.”

Oh, that made me smile, Mommynator. As as youngster, my family and I use to visit Staten Island relatives every summer and I remember it well and have very fond memories of it and the people…”loud”, “obnoxious” and all.

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