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Friday, March 12, 2010


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

"Joe Biden is an idiot"

But you repeat yourself.

If this is "restoring our credibility in the world community" I'd hate to see Crazy Uncle Joe trying to piss people off.


Actually, this does NOT sound like something Osama or Ahmadejinad would say. They repeatedly note that Israel must be destroyed no matter what it does, or doesn't do.

Joe's simply cool know as well as most others that Joe Biden is at the opposite end of the idiot scale. Good attempt here, but he just keeps getting things done and will never respond to nonsense like this. It's probably why he'll always come out on top and it drives his detractors plum crazy.

Get over it and move on...Joe does :)

Dr. Tracy M. Baker

What I do not understand is how Joe Biden got elected to any public office to begin with. I realize the average American voter isn't a rocket scientist, but voting for Biden is way over the top. He's almost as dumb as Al Gore. That HE almost became President gives me chills!!! What is wrong with Americans that they will vote for such people? Is the election system corrupt? Why doesn't the American voter think about what these people are saying and ask themselves "Does that make sense?" and "Is it really possible they can do what they promise?" When Obama was running for President, his promises sounded good until I asked myself those questions. My answer to both was a resound NO! Wake up America!!!!!!

Gary W Geiser

Peter Welch, a doctor, produced this must-read e-mail:

“I am an internist by training,” Welch writes. “I believe that years ago Biden suffered a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. His life was saved by modern medicine. When aneurysms rupture they frequently lead to brain damage. Biden’s behavior suggests to me that he may have suffered frontal-lobe damage."


Calling Biden an idiot is both an understatement and an insult to idiots worldwide. Biden is the dumbest person ever elected to any public office. If I hasd a pet that was that stupid, I would definitely consider euthanizing it.

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