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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


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Great, how about we stick up for the victims... by which I mean not the poor beleagured clergymen, and not the poor "persecuted" Christian majority, but the actual victims, the molested children and others taken advantage of by evil people under color of Church authority.


Um. Ok. I stick up for the victims. Like I did in the 80s. Then again in the 90s. Then again in naughts. Same victims. Same crimes. Same story. Can you say "Dead horse?"


Act.Up.Now. It's really very simple to enter a store and pick up your copy of the New York Times and walk it to the back and forget it in the toilet paper aisle.


As if you can't support both victims AND the truth...

And exactly HOW are you "supporting" those victims, Sunshine? ...snarky blog comments? ...happy rainbow unicorn wishes caste on the winds of hope for a better tomorrow? As they used to say in the sixties, if you aren't part of the solution, you're probably a bed-wetting lefty living in his mommy's basement waiting for the governement to tell you what to think.

Paul A'Barge

Your problems began when you took your spiritual health out of the hands of our savior and yourself and put that health in the hands of a papist infrastructure that pretends to intercede on your behalf with our G-d.

The Reformation was years ago. If you hurry you can catch up.

Warren Bonesteel

Just great...

...religious, militant pedophile priests.

And the public is ok with that.

And some people think this isn't the EOTWAWKI?

Do Christians actually read their own religious texts????

Or do you just go along with all of those doctrines and teachings...which seem to change every few years. Jesus. Every wind of doctrine. That sort of thing.

'Cause the curent doctrine seems to be that corruption abuse and the seven deadly sins are ok, even justified...if you're a priest, a preacher or a 'prophet.' However, if you're not a priest, a preacher or a prophet, you're going straight to jail...before you go straight to hell.


Rick, the problem is that these molestations did happen, and the RC church did try to cover it up by moving priests around and not allowing the long arm of the law to take care of these men.

Whether Benedict knew or not, it looks like the church really has NOT dealt with the problem at a fundamental level - like in the seminaries. Instead of a calling, potential priests are psychoanalyzed. I think that's ridiculous myself.



We agree that egregious behavior took place and the Church was slow in stopping it.

But when you say that the church really has NOT dealt with the problem at a fundamental level - like in the seminaries, I have to ask on what basis are you concluding this... and please, provide links.

I may later link in its own post to this piece The Anchoress has turned me on to via email. It's a must read, and it sheds light on how far some are taking this with little to no substantiation.

This Pope is being targeted unfairly and what the man has accomplished in fighting this scourge is being completely ignored.

Why do you think that might be?


Oh, this is the usual Catholic bashing, I agree. Benedict must be doing something right to be facing such vitriol, just like Bush. Don't get me wrong - I know the vast majority of priests are at least decent, and there are many exceptional men serving their congregations.

I have to look for links - may take me awhile since I'm at work - about how the church has allowed conflicted homosexuals to be ordained whilst conflicted (I'm of the mind that if they have the tendency and keep chaste, it's not a problem).

I'm not trying to bash, but it seems that there have been expediencies taken which should not have been, and the church is now paying for them, unfortunately.

Again, no bashing. I have major differences between RC doctrine and protestant doctrine, but not to the point where I think the church is the antichrist or the whore of Babylon or any of that other nonsense.

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