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Sunday, February 14, 2010


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World Peace

Dear all

Discover the truth about Islam

Thank you


Howsabout we've already investigated and found it extremely wanting and in line with Winston Churchill's assessment.

Not submitting to the desert moon god and his demons.


Science flies you to the moon, religion flies you into buildings. Imagine... RIP Mr. Lenon.


Which religion flies you into buildings Frank... be specific...


All religion can easily become a fuse and everyone thinks God is on their side. In recent history Muslims flew planes, in past history Christians devastated natives.

Bible and a rifle, deadliest combination.

History repeats. Always has, always will. I'm in favor of evolving. I believe in God, not in ancient fairy tales. I don't need stories about a flood or a cross to inspire me to be a good person.

I think the quote refered more to the capacity of all religion for evil far outweighing its good.


You believe in God... great... what God Frank? Osama believes in God too... so that makes you a bosom buddy of his should we use the same logic you're using, that which paints all religion with one broad brush... not as much fun when you're the one being painted...

I think a careful examination of the different religions and the good that Christianity has wrought would put your statements in the proper light... a light that reveals much foolhardiness and shallow thinking.



>"All religion can easily become a fuse"


>" and everyone thinks God is on their side."

Really? I was struck awhile back reading Joshua 5. As Israel is planning to take Jericho an angel appears to Joshua and Joshua asks, "Are you for us or our enemies?" Now you would think that the writer would want to express your idea that God is on Israel's side, but the angel says, "Neither, but as the commander of the army of the Lord I have now come." Wow! The BIBLE says the commander of the army of the Lord didn't take sides at THIS CRUCIAL TIME. Hmmmm. Perhaps those who think God is on their side haven't read that chapter. Still, the important question is, "Are you on God's side?"

>"In recent history Muslims flew planes, in past history Christians devastated natives."

You really think that's the same. Perhaps those Christians, weren't christians.

>"Bible and a rifle, deadliest combination."

Perhaps, but after a century of gulags and Mao and Pol Pot, are you sure you want to use the superlative 'deadliest'?

>"History repeats. Always has, always will. I'm in favor of evolving. I believe in God, not in ancient fairy tales. I don't need stories about a flood or a cross to inspire me to be a good person."

True. If being a "good" person were all that were necessary, I'm sure you'd be fine. The question is though, "Are you good enough?"

>"I think the quote refered(sic) more to the capacity of all religion for evil far outweighing its good."

You really, REALLY, think that Christianity's capacity for evil FAR outweighs it's good. It makes me think you know little of Christianity or history.


Examine religions? Okay, which religion? The perfect historic record of Christianity? Oh wait, they weren't really Christians, they were evil and just so happened to be holding the same book that's on any Christian's shelf. I love that cop out.

Religion always sparks controversy, always sparks resentment and hate. Just like Mommyblabber saying she'll never bow to the desert moon god and his demons. She'll bow to a 2000 year old Jewish zombie who is his own father and came to be slaughtered by the unworthy things his perfect self created? Sounds reasonable.

For the love of God someone besides me just admit that you have no proof what happens when you die and that religion has a great capacity for control. It's the power of religion that no man needs to hold in his hand. Not Osama, not me, not the Pope, nobody.

Shallow thinking? Because I call religion window dressing that's shallow? I think I'm perfectly rational BECAUSE I don't believe in talking snakes or intestinal whale rides. I know the religious differences, I've read their respective sins. I'm sure both point the finger and can bring about strong arguments.

I'm fed up with the crock of hocus pocus. It's no secret religion has been a huge point of conflict for centuries. I think it's all the psychological boogie man of humanity, it's seeing sheep in the clouds.

Now somebody can jump on and say I must live a cold, lonely life and you'd be dead wrong. I don't worship Satan, I'm not a bad person, I just don't buy into religion and I think it's a dangerous system. Human decency and common sense are far more valuable than any rosary or rug.

Sorry to offend but it's my honest take.


Broken: Angels showed up and took no sides, but there are other biblical accounts of God taking sides so once again let's use random passages to prove our point.

"Perhaps those Christians weren't Christians?" I love it! Yep, there it is. Those were the OTHER Christians. Right... I get it. What stops Muslims from sayint the bad ones aren't really Muslims. Now who's got the broad brush?

"Deadliest?" Okay, you win. Not quite as deadly, um... I guess. I guess we're going by what, body count? Evil and murder is just that, do we have to weigh the flesh pound for pound?

"Are you good enough?" I have to subscribe to a religion to be good enough? I can't be that on my own?

And yes I think Christianity is doing all sorts of great and wonderful things. This Christian nation is so loving and giving just ask any immigrant. Christian nation? Ha, ha. Don't forget it's easy to be so self righteous and worthy while sitting on our throne of better living conditions.

Come here poor and uneducated and see your Christian brothers and sisters from that light. They'll give you the shirt off their back as long it's sunny and warm out.


Wow. Tonight, Ash Wednesday, a non believer walked into church. Nothing new, we go now and then. I walk in, sit and then walk out just the same, unconvinced. I never refused to believe I just couldn't find what I needed. Why did this take so long? I think there was a reason and tonight, for me, it clicked.

From death in war to my son's face tonight I caught it all in a flash. It clicked, I don't know what else to say. I sat there thinking about how ridiculous the Catholic ceremonies are which ultimately sparked an argument at home afterward.

I still had things to do so my wife could sit at home and be mad if she needed to, fine, whatever. I was off to finish my errands and then get to bed. Instead I brushed across a website just before turning off the lights to try to come up with something to explain the way I felt for so long.

I came across a Bible verse that hit me harder than anything has in a long time. The details don't matter but all I can say is I get it.

Rick can varify that this is the actual FRANK because I'm guessing he can see my e-mail address. At the peak of my standing before God asking in earnest I was answered for once, I mean it.

I can't say I regret anything posted above this because before a few hours ago it NEVER made sense, at all. I'm fine with discussing the revelation when I have more time. This isn't magic, it's founded and solid and wow.


Frank, may I ask, what was the verse?


Titus 3, 4-6.


Gee, Frank. Think we hit you somewhere really sensitive?

What is your problem with calling out Islam for what it is?

And please - stop taking scripture out of context.


Well, Frank, I was going to point you toward the excellent Ash Wednesday Meditation on God's work and human work at, but it seems like the Holy Spirit has been working between the times and lines. May He continue to do so and may you continue to be open to that work.

chuck aka xtnyoda

I don't know exactly what's going on there with you Frank... but just know that I have been praying for you for some time and will continue to do so.

God Bless


Hey thanks Chuck. Basically I could never connect what I saw and knew to be true with anything resembling faith. I constantly try to make things fit and last night it did. There's not a lot more to say. It's as straight forward and simple as saying last night I had chicken. That's the most convincing thing about it, no hype or holy inspiration, it suddently locked in like a long equation.

chuck aka xtnyoda

"That's the most convincing thing about it, no hype or holy inspiration, it suddently locked in like a long equation.

The thing you describe is actually what the bible calls "repentance." Been a lot of fuss about the word... basically means to have a genuine change of mind or thinking.


Cavemen didn't have religion, and they fought with each other all the time. American Indians have an earth based worship which they all believe in and they killed each other all the time. It is just human nature to war with each other. Religion is a scam, it is all about using common sense and protecting yourself from others that wish to harm you.

Adam Ant

When Islam is exposed for what it is, then "religion" in general is to be excoriated?

Anyone see Buddhists, or Wiccans or anyone else acting in this manner?

Islam is a diseased religion at its core. You know this by it's "fruits"

The problem is Islam.Period.


considering most of you have drawn the conclusion that chritianity is the MOST peacefull religon, allow me to educate you:
Islam is the first religon which allowed women to initiate divorce. did the Bible ever grant women this power. did chritianity even allow divorce in the first place.
i guess not. but as long as reformers such as martin luther lead half of u to the righteous path than its justified is'nt it. it was bcuz of this narrrow minded thinking that europe was driven to the dark ages. please promote harmony between faiths and peoples and races.and the fact that Islam is the religon of this century can be estimated by its conversion rates. just a bit of reality, i know it might taste bitter.

Jerry G

Islam is the first religion to stone a woman for having the temerity to allow herself to be raped.

I shall consider Islam a violent death cult until I have evidence to the contrary. Best evidence would be these alleged peaceful & "good" moslems rising up to strike down the crazy ones.

"Don't lump us all together!" they say... I'll gladly oblige when you do something to separate yourselves from the backwards women-and-children-slaughtering, unfamiliar-with-indoor-plumbing, institutionally-and-mentally-stuck-in-the-middle-ages terrorist pigs.


Cudos Jerry G. -- and therein lies the problem with the so-called moderate muslims. They do not separate themselves from the jihadists, nor do they separate themselves from the violent.

If they are too afraid, then THAT tells me a lot about Islam.


conversion rates, it speaks for itself.
and peeps go learn a little from history before u take the liberty to point fingers at a religion to which 1.2 billion people adhere to.


Maybe to the uneducated, the conversion rates seem a bit high but the truth is, that is due to a hell of a lot of forced conversion. Not that many do it willingly.
Too many news reports and the likes exist to show the brutality that moslems engage in upon non-moslems to force them to islam.
moslems rape women to shame them and force them to convert and marry a rapist.
moslems who capture westerners force the captives to convert. What they AREN'T talking about however, is the sheer numbers of apostates that are created in the aftermath. Those that denounce islam.

I will never convert and I would love to see someone try to make me. I guarantee they won't leave the instance alive.


Possibly the worst god channel infommercial ever....


"god channel infommercial"?



Why attack Christianity here? Winston Churchill was a Christian, John Lennon was a traitor to Britain, who left here to go live in America. What scum.


our beautiful earth is polluted with the toxic waste called muslims. may they someday get to know our peaceful loving, kind glorious savious Jesus Christ.


our beautiful earth is polluted with the toxic waste called muslims. may they someday get to know our peaceful loving, kind glorious savious Jesus Christ.

All religion is poisonous to the core when it inhibits any and all rational thought, and you so succinctly put it with your illogical comment..


I totally hear you, Frank..

And as you can see, a lot of believers (from any faith) will readily adhere to their confirmation biases and make you look like an unworthy miserable fool with no understanding of their chosen faiths.

Most make assumptions based on their fallacious appeals to authority that you have no knowledge of their religion. They assume that you should not reject their faith on face value, all the while doing it to other faiths they find in opposition to their own.

Find your own way and leave them to their chosen won't change their theologically pickled minds any easier than they would change your mind. Once you have made that step towards knowledge there's no turning back.

paul foster

There is no evidence for any religion. Science cannot 100% disprove that god does not exist but neither can it disprove fairies. The fact of the matter which most people seemed to move away from is how dangerous islam is. Islam is not a religion, it is a political ideology. The world has moved on. Islam is stuck in the same mind frame since its foundation!! All religions can and have caused wars. But as I said, most religions have moved on. Even the Catholic church now accepts evolution. In Islam nothing can be questions. Islam is full of hate. You know the muslims can quote you texts of the earlier written parts of the Koran of peace and love. BUt, that contradicts the later parts of it which only shows violence and hatred. You know how the rules are to figure out how to get a round contradictions? It is very simple, you must ignore the earlier texts and the later texts are correct. Also, Islam by its very nature is not moderate in any way, it insists on seperation, conversion and death to all non believers. The Koran also says that a good Muslim will not kill an innocent, You know what they mean by this? Anyone who is not a Muslim is not innocent. So, it is fine to kill anyone that is not a Muslim because it is not a sin and actually encouraged. Do not let them deceive you. If the world is to move on and get past the next 100 years before we destroy our self then we need to put religion in its place. History!!!


Just look at the founders of the religions to see the difference. Christ was a man of peace. Mohammed was a warrior who conquered cities and beheaded hundreds of men on one day, then sold the women into slavery, even personally "marrying" i.e. RAPING a woman whose family he murdered. Founded on pathology and pathological to this day.



Clearly not every religion can be equally 'true'

So it is a safe bet to say they are all equally false.

Richard Teague

Great article! You have Obama pegged perfectly. It is too bad we don't have a leader with the wisdom and fortitude of Churchill. Best Regards!


I'll keep this somewhat short. It won't have an impact on anyone anyway, unless they actually got to know me outside of virtual reality. I just feel I need to get it out.

I'm not religious. I used to be. I'm 26. I stopped being my own little mix of catholic/protestant until I hit the age of 13-14. I'm not an atheist, I'm not an agnostic. I'm a "Trying to forget religion has ever existed ever"-stic. It's tought with people like you around. I live and always have lived my life according to:

1.Don't hurt others.

2. If you do hurt others. Take responsibility.

3. Humans make mistakes.

Example 1:

You rape my sister.

Solution 1:
I will torture you, probably rape you, and maybe even do things to your loved ones in front of you.

Solution 2:

I will let the law settle the matter for me, and I will try to tell myself that you were only human, and humans make mistakes.

I'd say, most people would become enraged and would wish for death and torture upon the criminal.

Pedophiles, babyfuckers, call them what you want. Most people would want them tortured forever.

Me? No. They're human. They make mistakes. I feel sorry for everyone. Breivik, Osama Bin laden, Gaddafi, american soldiers, terrorists, insects, plants..hell..even the people who are responsible for the life I'm forced to live.

Now, if I did happen to pick solution 1. I would take responsibility. How? The best way I can do in this situation. By putting my life in the hands of those I hurt. I cannot give the dead their life back, but I can give the living a moment of sweet revenge.
Would it hurt me? Yes. I'd be hurt by my own actions, physically and mentally. but..I'm human. I make mistakes too.

I know the examples are extreme, but understand what I*m saying.

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