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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


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What's raised its head is pure selfishness. Instead of seeing babies and children as a blessing and a joy, women have been told that their unique ability to have babies is a curse.

Now I'm all for telling your daughters to work hard and pursue their talents, but not to the exclusion of marriage and family, where sharing life with a husband and children is viewed as the worst thing possible.

What a lie these people have swallowed, and their empty, selfish lives prove it. They have every thing they want, but know no joy of family life, even with its hardships.

So they must tear down, demean, denigrate and murder joy wherever they find it. Like the joy of a mother and son who love each other.


The fact that Planned Parenthood wet their knickers over it before it even aired and it blew up in their faces was priceless. Now they say he was being violent with his mother? Looks like he's hugging her to me.

Hell hath no fury like angry feminazis.

Jerry in Detroit

One explanation might be the welfare/abortion industry feels threatened.

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