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Thursday, January 21, 2010


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chuck aka xtnyoda

The sad part of this is that there were many who saw through the charade during the primaries... sounded the alarm that he was not what he presented...

... we were shouted down as idiots.

But it is gratifying that it has only taken one year for the very thin veneer to wear off so the real product can be seen.

Take a deep breath America... it is going to get ugly... within the lefts own ranks.


Gosh, I'm not a real estate billionaire. I've $200 in my savings account right now. But I could have told Old Mort that this guy is a disaster waaaay back in 2008. Limousine liberals make me sick. They go on National TV and rail at the monster that they financed. The rest of us who got screwed by your fantasy vote have to travel on our own dime and stand outside the white house like beggars to protest with our home made signs and we get ridiculed and insulted. You see, it's the middle class that gets ruined by these totalitarians. The rich can take off in their planes and yachts,or buy themselves a position in the new regime and the poor have nothing to lose (except their freedom).
Dearest Mort, hope you dont cry too much heading back to New York in your fancy mode of transportation. Have an extra drink on us.Send us a post card from Switzerland after the revolution.

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