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Saturday, January 09, 2010


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Visualize world peace.

I have and when I do? I see the second coming. Not some hip bumper sticker of less than artful deception.


Child: Dad, why do some people call themselves Mormons, Scientologists or Jehova Witnesses?

Dad: Because The Church of Complete Retards was just too obvious.

Locutisprime... end of days? Stop watching the history channel.


Locutis - envision whirled peas is probably better.

Frank: Locutisprime is discussing classic Christian eschatology, not some revised and twisted version of the end of the world by the history channel.


Oh you mean that eschatology. Eschatology is silly. My god told me your god's eschatological predictions are all wrong.


LOL! I'm of the opinion that the Bible is true, but that the actual events will look like something we never expected. It seems to be God's way of doing things to humble the people who think they know how and when and why God should do what THEY decide.

Morgan K Freeberg

I have this sticker on my work laptop. Right next to my NRA membership sticker. Just to throw off the people who are trying to figure out what my politics are. Sort of coax them to get back to thinking about work.

No lie.

But L, I really enjoyed your analysis. Great stuff.


M'nator... You threw me there, not what I expected from you and my sentiments exactly about the "...why God should do what THEY decide." The whole book may be a means to an end and not the actual snap shot or map.

stacy peterson

you can't coexist, unless you exist.


COEXIST sighting of the day:

Silly chick on a cell phone, tailgating and threading the needle on the expressway today on my way to work. She also had a bumper sticker of the most vile radio station in NYC, which is saying a lot.

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