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Thursday, January 14, 2010


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Dan Gill

Robertson reminds me of Job's friends. His theology is similarly twisted. I truly wish he would fade away and never again speak into a microphone.

Robert L. Wardrop

Pat Robertson should do a deeper study of what he supposedly believes. A Christian he is not! A hate-monger he is! I actually feel sorry for him--he has lost his way in life with comments like he has just made.


And yet his Operation Blessing is sending aid to Haiti.


I stopped listening to Pat Robertson and seeing him as a Christian leader when he and Jerry Falwell made their infamous statement post 9/11. He, and people like him, make it so difficult for Christians to not be stereotyped by non-believers and secularists. I think I'll go to his website and sincerely ask him to please just stop talking. Won't do any good, but maybe it will make me feel better.


Oddly, there is no "contact us" at Robertson's official site. So, I clicked on the CBN link and used their online form to submit the following:
"Can you please ask Mr. Robertson to just stop talking? As a conservative, traditional, orthodox Christian, I am unbelievably dismayed at his remarks about Haiti. Even if they are true (which is doubtful, how does HE know what God is thinking or doing??), they were not helpful at this time following this tragedy. I am reminded of the post 9/11 statement he and Jerry Falwell published. Utter nonsense, all of it. Please, please, please ask this man to stop speaking for the rest of us Christians who want to help win others to Christ, not alienate them by making wild and ridiculous statements. Please also tell him I'm praying for him. Earnestly. And mightily." Yeah, he'll never see it, and no one will actually read it. But I feel just a tiny bit better.

Richard Shaffer

Okay, let's start with point #1. You don't think much of Robertson? Yes or no. #2. His comment about Haiti was low down. Yes or no. #3. His comment was not correct - Haiti did or did not sign some kind of contract with the Devil, so to speak, for something from France. I can't remember what the connection to France was about. Help? Security? And I find it very significant that the "other" half of the island where the Dominican Republic is, is doing very well. What do YOU think is the reason for that? Forget Robinson. Focus on what he said. Is it true or not? Tacky, sure. True or not?

Chris Vehr

Pat Robertson's timing is incredibly obnoxious. True or not, immediately after the tradgedy is a rude time to be pointing this stuff out from the safety of far away. Certainly, this is a turnoff to all potential Christians and irritating to those who already believe. He may be correct, but he is extremely insensitive to fellow human beings in their time of need.

Karen Olson

While things that sometimes come out of Pat Robertson's mouth out ill-timed, obnoxious, poorly thought out we should not judge his Christianity or his beliefs. We've all said some awfully stupid things. Granted we aren't on tv where what he says can do more harm than good. His organization does so many wonderful things. And, I agree he should learn to keep his thoughts to himself.
I just think it's wrong for someone to come out and say he's not a Christian. Christians can say and do stupid, bad things. We are human after all. Don't be so quick to judge someone else's beliefs. I don't think that's too Christian is it?
All I know is we should be writing as big a check as we can to help these poor people and we should be praying earnestly for them.

Chris Chen

Doesn't he read the Bible? This is just plain bad theology.

Jesus and his disciples come to a blind man and the disciples ask for whose sin the man’s blindness is a punishment–the man’s or his parents’?
Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.
God Sendeth Rain on the Just and the Unjust Alike Remember?
It's really quite simple, he cannot know why God does what he does. "My thoughts are not your thoughts". Maybe God is doing this to reveal our hearts, including Mr. Robertson's. I'm very glad he's rasing money for Haitians and sorry that he speaks like this.


In times of large suffereing and peril people always attach their own translations and bull**** explainations. An earthquake hitting Haiti is no more meaningful than the tree limb that fell on my SUV last month during the snow, ice and high winds.

I didn't ask God the meaning because not everything is a sign. And these silly signs are always self fulfilling prophecies as soon as you read into them.

I work in EMS systems, absolutely horrific things happen every day all across America. Cars collide, machinery crushes, sudden death, pedestrian vs. vehicle... We hear it all in my line of work, it is absolutely random and simply part of life.

Billions of people did not die in other countries just as non-christian, apply your crap to that.

His wicked soul will be roasting in hell soon enough.


His wicked soul? Are you serious? Now I need some motrin from banging my head on the desk. Are you learning anything here?

Don't translate for God was the first lesson. You're not the holy jury is the second.

Hell? Really? For that? It was stupid I'll grant you, but evil?

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