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Friday, January 15, 2010


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Dan Gill

If EVERYTHING the Global Warming/Climate Change gurus said was true (and it's not), that would have NO effect on earthquakes. With some of these folks it's as if they have a Global Warming button. It gets pushed whenever anything bad happens, and this nonsense spills out of their mouths.

chuck aka xtnyoda

Dude's as deep into Voodoo as many of the poor souls in Haiti.


Can I say Danny Glover is an IDIOT...what a stupid stupid man like Penn and Clooney and Seranden and sooo many other over-paid actors they mouth off about something they know nothing about and they don't mind slamming their own country while doing so...Glover go to Cuba or Venesuela...and STAY THERE!!!!


I was watching the season premiere of the Human Target. You got it- the ending of the show when Danny Gloveridiot was on, I turned the TV to another channel. I REFUSE to watch anything with this hypcrict in any longer. . As a mother of 2 sons who have been deployed with the US Military, I am appauled at this man. My sons have volunteered to keep his stupid ass free in the US. Maybe he should move to Cuba. Lets start to boycott these Hollywood idiots who think they are so much bigger then life.

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