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Saturday, January 30, 2010


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tim aka The Godless Heathen

Happy, happy Rick and a good day to you Mrs. take Mr. BH to somewhere nice ;)

And ditto on the wonderful job you do here Rick, much appreciated.

chuck aka xtnyoda

Ditto... what Tim said!


Many happy returns, Rick.


Just now saw this... Mommynator snuck one in on me... :)... thanks to all of you, and especially you regulars... you make my day... you guys (and gals) really do...

As to going out... we're snowed in... but somehow or another, Mrs. BH and I will make due...


Happy birthday, Rick.

Fun things to keep you people occupied in a snow storm:

You could make snow angels.
Or, if you nail a board to a 2x4 you'd have a good make-shift shovel. Shoveling might be fun.
You could scoop it up in pots and boil it for water.
Build a snow fort. (Naaah, Doesn't look like you have enough for that.)
Snow ball fight.
Snow shoeing.
Get garbage bags and go sliding down the nearest incline.

:D Or hot chocolate and a fire place is good too.

Have a great day.

Morgan K Freeberg

Happy birthday, friend.

Tim Chesterton

Yes, happy birthday, Rick.


God Bless.

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