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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


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chuck aka xtnyoda

Let's see now... wasn't there a pretty liberal element in congress pushing for the lowering of mortgage standards so more poor folks could buy homes... the very ones who have been hurt the worst as this story demonstrates...

Is Barney Frank a name-it-claim-it Christian?

As is usual... the bleeding hearts typically hurt the very ones they are bleeding over... and there is much more on the way. (But oh how righteous they can sound)


They need to send a reporter to Liquid Church in New Jersey where we attend. They regularly sponsor Financial Peace University taught by Dave Ramsey on how to GET OUT of debt and stay here, buy cars with cash, save for emergencies and retirement, and pay off homes early.

No name it and claim it there.

chuck aka xtnyoda

Did anyone else notice the blatant racism against Blacks and Hispanics in the article?

Shouldn't the MSM be calling their hand on this racist caricature of Black and Hispanic churches? Isn't this racial profiling?

There should be a congressional investigation.


If the prosperity gospel is going to be tagged, then Oprah and The Secret need to be included. Lots of folks manipulating the cosmos to get all they deserve in a nonchurch setting there.

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