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Friday, November 06, 2009


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What an excellent point. I had not thought of that yet.

I'm so proud that any American ran up and killed this guy but the knowledge that it was a woman and that Muslims will know this is just extra-special.

I'm so angry that this happened. I cannot imagine the grief all of the families are going through right now. It must be suffocating.


I'm not sure the shooter is dead, but if he is I wonder if he's still considered a martyr having been shot by a woman.

Anyway, whatever the backlash, the families have needlessly lost loved ones - not even in battle where their loved ones would have had a fair chance in a fair fight.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Heard he was alive, the base commanding General said he was alive last night. Heard he was paralyzed today..stay tuned.

AS Uncle Jimbo said over at Blackfive- "I will only say I'm glad the son of a bitch lived and we get to kill him properly".

Related/unrelated note: Another mass shooting/killing today, watch media interweave this into this story as mad gunmen scenarios. That fits their agenda rather than the truth - Muslim jihad.

chuck aka xtnyoda

Brave officer... and well trained.


Posted it.


chuck aka xtnyoda

PS... they may not like being killed by a woman... but they don't mind killing women... rather think of it as an honor.


She is a true hero and needs to be decorated. Unfortunately she may need protection.

Chris Vehr

I hope Munly is protected for the rest of her life. Muslims do not forget.

It is appropriate that the shooter is still alive and in bad shape. This way he can think about what he did.

It is also appropriate (downright cool!) that a woman police officer brought him down. I hope she recovers fully from her injuries and is aware that she has become a hero to many Americans.

God bless Officer Munly!


I think it is absolutely great that a 120 lb, 5' 4" woman brought this big jerk down. All muzlims should think about that. She did not flinch, she did not hide, she came straight at him and opened fire on his sorry carcass, putting four bullets in him. The only bad part is that he shot her in the bargain.

At the same time, we need to think about the damage he inflicted on our people. I was following a thread over at Flopping Aces as this was unfolding. A young Army wife was posting, asking if anyone knew how to reach Ft. Hood so she could check on her husband. She posted repeatedly, until she finally posted that the Army messengers had come to her home to tell her that her husband was dead. She was in total shock. They had only been married 2 months, and she was preparing to move to central Texas in a couple of weeks to be with him. This is extremely sad, and I'm sure that there are other stories very similar to this one.

We must root izlam out of America. We cannot continue to embrace this evil death cult that is bent on world domination. If we continue to allow it within our country, it will kill us. I'm sure you all know some nice, "moderate muzlims." I do too. The fact is, however, they all subscribe to a political-religious philosophy that has as its goal world domination. They appear very nice today, but they always do until they turn on you. We should give every individual muzlim the opportunity to abandon izlam publicly or leave the country. There should be no mosques, no muzlim organizations, nothing of the sort. It should be a criminal offense to have any sort of muzlim association, just as it was once a criminal offense to be a communist. They are out to overthrow our government, and they must be stopped.


we cannot ignore our constitution any is suicide to do so...'the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" yeah right!


Good for Officer Munley, gal paralyzed that piece of garbage without thinking twice.

It just pisses me off to know that my tax dollars will pay for his f*****g wheelchair


The Sgt. is a great gal, but people don't realize what the USA is in store for. What Sgt. Munley did is fairly typical over here in Israel. And unfortunately I think it going to have to become typical in the USA. Get ready to live the Israeli lifestyle, especially after the first time one of these Muslim f-cks massacres - not soldiers - but a room full of school children.

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