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Sunday, October 25, 2009


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I like that.
Right now I'm reading Randy Alcorn's book , Heaven which talks about the physical nature of the afterlife and it is a wonderful thing to think about. :)


"God must have liked matter - He made so much of it." Don't remember who said that, but I believe it.

Such wonder and beauty in this world.

Tim Chesterton

Thanks for the link, Rick. Indeed, hope and change we can believe in.

will he really take away my pain and wipe my tears away? he won't call me a liar when I tell him the truth? he won't put me down and tell me I'm stupid? how can he take this pain and hurt away? why would he take it from me I have nothing to offer him. there is nothing about me he would like


I believe that after death we no longer experience the passage of time so that even an infinite ammount of time seems like no time at all. So from your perspective you instantly begin your next life even if by the time you begin this next life an infinite ammount of time has passed.

I also created a blog that explains this in more detail


The reason why Christianity is so popular, is because it is so positive and it fits Christians. Christians choose to believe that there's a beautiful Heaven after death that goes on for ever. Also, they think there's a hell, but they're not gonna visit it because Jesus died for them. Those Christian beliefs are positive and comfortable. But, just because a theory is positive and you like it, does not mean it is true and valid. I believe that there is a possibly that religion was an idea that has been used through out history for control and power. I also believe that, maybe the story of Jesus, Moses, Muhammad...etc. was manipulated by other people who came after the "Prophets" for different reasons. But, there is also a possibility of Christian beliefs to be true, and that possibility is somewhere between or less than 0.1 to 0.2 percent.


"I believe that there is a possibly that religion was an idea that has been used through out history for control and power."

That's not a possibility, Anon. It is a certainty that the idea has been used for control and power. But the real question, as you say, is whether it is true. People will use the Truth for their own purposes.

And again, "..maybe the story of Jesus, Moses, Muhammad...etc. was manipulated by other people..." No maybe about it. We see the story of Jesus manipulated every year from around November to December 25 in order to make a buck. But again, as you say, that doesn't make it false.

Your percentages make me think you haven't investigated the case for Christ very deeply, but let's take them as you give them. You say that there is a one in a thousand chance that we Christians are right and you can lead a "positive and comfortable" life and get heaven thrown in. Or, you can lead a meaningless existence and disappear when you die (999 times out of a thousand.) Even with your mistaken odds, you must see why I'm "putting my money" on the Christian idea. Wouldn't you pay a dollar for a million dollar lottery ticket if you knew there were only a thousand tickets? Shoot, I might buy a hundred tickets! I mean, our Christian "winnings" are several thousand times better than the alternative, don't you think? (This is sometimes called, Pascal's Wager)


BroKen, you think God will let you into heaven because you have better chances that way (I.G. only belive so you can get into heaven)? It really says something when you are able to compare religion to the lottery. Both scam you out of money, then again, I suppose.


Religion is just a bunch of lies made up by people to scared to face the truth.


No, ZK, I believe God will bring me into His heaven because He loves me enough to send a lifeline. He sends the lifeline to you, too. All you have to do is deny yourself, that is, acknowledge that your efforts are futile, and grab the lifeline He sends.

Ripper, your statement can run both ways. Atheism is a lie made up by a bunch of people who are afraid to face the truth that there are ultimate consequences for the actions and attitudes of all humans collectively and individually.


there's nothing before you're born, there's nothing after you die, it's quite easy to understand.


Your all lost. You shall only find out when you get there. Who cares what's out there why worry now and enjoy later. Allow this to be vise versa enjoy now worry about death later. When you actually get there.

chuck aka xtnyoda

I love 1John 3:2, "Dear friends, we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet been revealed. We know that when He appears, we will be like Him because we will see Him as He is."

I like to explain it like this, "What we will be like in our glorified state is something that God could not have simply created, it is something that Jesus had to die for."

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