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Sunday, October 04, 2009


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Gregory Koster

It may be a must-read, but the photo attribution of Eisenhower & Kennedy is dead wrong as any reader of the Ambrose bio of Ike or PRESIDENT KENNEDY by Richard Reeves can tell you. So, in general, is Sensing's notion that Kennedy wasn't afraid to ask Eisenhower for advice and help. It's on par with writing an account of the 2008 election with Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee: would that it were, but it didn't happen.

Jack Tanner

I can't imagine the fantasy world race baiting of Michele Obama helped much either. When I heard her speech about how she wanted to make the Olympics avaialble to kids who wouldn't have the opportunity, like things were when she grew up, it was just so out of tune, anachronistic and self absorbed. That may work on college campuses and with guilt ridden liberals but if you want to see dyed in the wool racist look at Eurotrash elites. They don't need hoods because they don't care.

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