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Monday, October 26, 2009


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Chris Vehr

God bless George W. Bush.

Olbermann can rot in hell!

Oh yeah, about Obama's thirst for the links...


I can't even watch the whole thing. Olberman turns my stomach. What a buffoon. What a fake!

And people wonder why so many no longer watch MSNBC.


I can not find words for these liberals. The two posts from Chris and Deana says it all. Thanks guys.


Is it possible that Keith is Tokyo Rose's bastard son?

NW Indy

Olbermann is the only newscaster/commentator with the courage to actually speak the truth instead of cowering to his corporate (party) overlords. He criticizes Obama and the Dem leadership in congress many times more than Fixed News ever criticized Bush and the now obstructionist/anti-democratic Republicans. If he didn't have to spend so much time correcting the record of deceit and dishonesty from the right, he could actually hold the Democratic caucus and the administration more accountable.

Perhaps you all need to be weaned off of the right-wing disinformation/propaganda teat before you can recognize the truth. MSNBC does pretty well considering that much of the population it would serve is working that second job or can't afford the cable bill. Murdoch is sucking the life out of this country and you willingly help him. So sad.

Liberals created this country and saved it more than once. You'll be happy when we do it again so the idiots Americana can once again fail to learn, vote against their interests, and put Republicans back in power.

Churchill may have thought that you have no heart if not a liberal when young and no brain if not a conservative when mature, but I say you lack humanity (or, if you prefer, a soul) should you remain a conservative for life. Find it people. You just have to be willing to look.

John Joyce

Olbermann is an Ass and a hypocrite, same as most libs, plain and simple. As a matter of record; look to history, anything a republican has ever screwed up, a lib/dem has done the same thing 10 fold. Can you say Community Reinvestment Act of the 70's? I'm sure my 6 year old grand daughter whould like a big house of her own to run around and play in but she can't afford one nor does she need one. The CRA just one example of the destructive social engineering lib/dems promote under the guise of helping the poor. The CRA is the initial fuse lit that put into action the Sub-Prime mortgage crisis, yet weak ass libs with their uninformed following make feeble attempts to blame something that started 35 years ago on President Bush. Here's a clue for you dumb ass libs. Banks follow rules and laws put into place by none other than; you guessed it; CONGRESS.


Furtermore, I'll be weaned off the right wing when you morons stop being hypocrits and Olbermann expresses the same distaste of Obama playing golf while soldiers die as he did when Bush did it. Here something you morons should try. Ask yourself this question before commentting on politics. Would it bother me if the guy I voted for did the same thing? This way you don't have to expose yourself as an Ass! the way Olbermann does every week. Again. Would it bother me if the guy I voted for did the same thing? Try it.


I thought Olberman was on Sports Center? Why'd he loeave a good gig to become a libtard?

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