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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


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Paul Mitchell

I guess you just have to take it on faith, no matter where it comes from.


this is the stupidest website i've ever seen!


hi billy, what is X-Factor? Are you ashamed to quote the name of God? pls come on. you have to take the truth though it is brutal !!! the universe is so systematic that without any one's active involvement it is impossible!!! Look at you and surround of you. You will get the answer.

Adrian Relinger

All is possible... is that a thought or a black whole. Where is the line drawn? What if, is that me or some other force that guides me? We, as human kind, are not all knowing but learning. Where did this trait come from? Try this: God created... but his time line and ours are not the same in the blink of his seven days, dinosaurs roamed the earth, and he made the decision as to how the slate was to be wiped clean. How many times has a father said to his child that just how it is in effort to save time in the explanation of the facts...?

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