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Saturday, September 12, 2009


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Jim Elkins

I only wish I could have been there! Never in my life have I seen America so divivded by political greed, insatiable lust for power and corruption at all levels of Govt.
Any one with half a brain can see the unabashed bias of the MSM lefties.
I'm a Viet Nam veteran and I'm elated tosee America waking up to the liberal lies and wholesale rape of our economy, Does any one seriously believe all this stuff happens by accident?? Those 500 + people who make up our Congress/Senate are solely responsible for everything that happens in America. Let us HOLD them responsible !!!

Tom B.

Quite an impressive turnout............i' m not sure why the "wing-nuts" choose to to remember 9/11 with a demonstration like this........oh well ignorance and prejudice is bliss.....


Once we defeat Obama, We must then continue this effort to eliminate Social Security and Medicare, both of them combined add up to 15.3% of income


These are the wing-nuts that care about our Country. Many have been to war for the freedom and the rights that the Constitution gives us. Those people, and my self want the Constitution followed in congress and by the President. It's the rights that our Country was founded under by our for fathers

Michael P. Shipley

Tom B.,

- ignorance of what?

- how is protesting about too much government spending being prejudiced? unless by prejudice you mean prejudice against big government in which case i agree. and please dont try to pick out one or two wackos from the crowd and generalize that they are all like that.

St. Blogustine

I was there and I can honestly say the over the course of 4 hours there were at least a million who came and went. In fact when I left there were more still streaming in from all sides.

See my photo essay at

if you will permit me to spam my blog. Thanks man!


Not ONE mention in our local papers. Not one (except for the NY Post that I haven't seen).

Instead, the NY Daily News has a full page article on Obama's campaign trip somewhere out there.

Thanks, St. B. I want to see all the photos I can.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

As I commented on another post, I was there and will post my story.

Tom B., pull your head out of your rectum occasionally and get some fresh air...occasionally.


Looking forward to it, tim.


If you're "brutally honest", why not be honest about the numbers? There were only 60-70,000 people there. Even Malkin has admitted that the 2 million number was made up, and simple math can tell you that that crowd could not have been millions big. Good try though.


Jonathan - the Parks department estimated about 1.2 million. Why don't YOU be honest?

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Notice the panic of the Left, they can’t handle anyone else packing the Mall. They inflate and exaggerate their numbers then try and underestimate “ours”. Rather pathetic, like their politics, based on nothing but lies.

Scroll down, see the how the numbers are calculated.

Unlike you little Johnny, I was there and I know what I saw. I’ve been in crowds of 60/70,000, you have simply have no idea what you are talking about. You may want to contact the D.C. Police and the National Park Police ‘cause their lying too I guess.

But that’s cool, next time we’ll just show up with even more numbers. Doubt us, please. We’re just getting started.

Tim - I was at the D.C. rally too. My husband and I flew in from Houston to be there.

There's alot of "hope" now that we all know that we are not alone in our views. I know everyone is boo hooing the statistics on how many were there, but if anyone checks out the pics and video of the event will understand that more than just a football-field full of people were there.

I was at the front of the march because we got there as early as possible. I stood on the tallest objects available during the march to see how far I could see behind me. But I wasn't able to see the end of the line, even once I got to the the grassy area of the Capitol. I was lucky enough to get a closs-up place up on the hill. I can tell you that it was impossible to see anything else but people and their signs no matter in which direction I looked. Since we were on a little hill, I was able to see the reflecting pool as I look down towards the Washington Monument. Does anyone remember the movie Forrest Gump and the shot of "Jenny" coming out of the crowd near the reflecting pool? Well, that's what it looked like. It was a gorgeous view!

I did several panoramic video shots with my iphone to document our presence. It was such a joy to be part of this event. Regardless of the closeness and crowding, all were polite, caring, and helpful. It was more than worth the time, the money, and leap of faith we took to help grow this movement. We'll all be there again along with others who had only wished they could be there the last time around and are saving their money and that date on their calendars!


Wow, thank you for sharing, Rose! Sounds wonderful, just what I would expect from people who know what respect and order are all about.


The Tea Partiers will quietly fade away! Health Care Reform will pass. Just watch! :)

And what did I tell ya?

We'll use technology and go after thugs & terrorists? Goodbye Saleh ali Saleh Nabhan!

Oh... don't forget to thank our Commander in Chief, who signed off on the operation!

Down with another terrorist!

Cheers to that! :)

tim aka The Godless Heathen


I was also on the Capital lawn, right hand side, very close to the fence that separated the two sections by the driveway (?). The stage was on the other side.

Our stories and sentiments are very similar.

Look for my guest post of the march coming up today.


Mommynator - sorry, but your number is made up. Can you find any link of the Parks Department actually saying that??? It's just another random number that right-wing bloggers pulled out of nowhere.

Even Fox News's actual news coverage said "70,000" and "tens of thousands", even while Glenn Beck made up that some random college was claiming "1.7 million".


Do your own stupid research, lazy. It's posted numerous places on the internet.


"It's posted numerous places on the internet."

And this, ladies and gentlemen, summarizes everything that most people know about facts.

Oh, and Tim, I don't want to leave you out. The D.C. Police and the National Parks never made any such estimates. You're believing more lies. Good try though.


Here you go - USA Today of all places.

It took me 10 minutes, so you are lazy.


Here's some more data:


And some more:

And that's all I'm going to do for you, you lazy liar.


Thanks for playing, Mommynator: but the USA today link was about the Inaugural crowd; the beltwayblips and moderateinthemiddle links are only blogs...where's the link of the Park Service, actually making these claims?

How about a Park Service link? Can you at least provide that?

(*silence...then, cricket-noises*)

Really, do you believe EVERYTHING someone tells you, just because you like the sound of their voice, or they look sexy on TV?

tim aka The Godless Heathen

So ThornsofTristan, tell us all what you witnessed. Tell us what you saw, how many people you thought were there.

I have no idea how many people were there, I simply don't care. Funny how a certain segmant of society, those on the other side of the political fence are so obssesed with some head count by some fire dept. made before the total number of protesters arrived.

Ya'll seem a little scared. You should be. This was just the beginning, we'll show up with even more people next time.

But I was there, I know what I saw and I simply could give a shit what you or anyone else thinks.


Tea Partiers,

How was the party?

Did you hear/read what Gingrich said before you started on your whining trip?

Perhaps you now could better understand my previous post!

-- from someone who voted for Reagan & I'm not black!

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