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Thursday, September 10, 2009


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f**k you and sarah palin. This guy just cost himself the next election. Apology not accepted.

[*Rick - this idiot's e-mail address is Do what you will with it]


you STILL trust Republicans from Texas?

The ones that bankrupted us with an unnecessary war
The ones that have driven us into recession.

Love how he did it off camera so he could hide.

Gonna call the president a Liar at least have the courage to go on FOx news.

Dan Gill

Um, you don't hide by calling out "That's a lie" while the President is speaking. As evidenced by the fact that he is being vilified for the statement in the media. He wasn't hiding, but reacting to what he heard. One would expect the camera to be on the speaker. You're being silly.


Mr. Dave Howard:

Another whacko liberal whose neuronal pathways are calcified and stuck on the lies that prove stupid.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Hey, imposter you got one thing right, “This guy just cost himself the next election”, but it's Obama. So f*#k you too.

Notice how DHo doesn't even try to argue the point that Obama lied. Nice try, haven't ever seen that technique of changing the subject before, nope. No wonder you defend Obama, you're both good at not addressing the topic at hand.

“The ones that bankrupted us with an unnecessary war”

You mean the one that Obama still has our troops in even though he promised to withdrawal immediately. Plus you need to look up 'bankrupt' and study up on our deficit from past years versus what Obama as in store for us. Disregarding the 787 Million dollar “Stimulus” is also very clever.

“The ones that have driven us into recession.”

Either you have no idea what caused the recession or you’re deliberately lying, much like Pres. Obama. I’d tell ya’ to search some info on the economy under Pres. Bush but it seems you’d rather remain ignorant, again, much like Pres. Obama.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

Obama Speech: Republican Outburst With Sound Enhancement

Dave B

Joe Wilson just got himself re-elected whether anyone else on either side of the aisle wants to admit it or not. I'll bet political contributions to him will exponentially swell proportionate to the anger every day taxpaying citizens are feeling at this moment.


The best way to confront a narcissistic liar is to his face!!! WELL DONE JOE!!! At least we have one politician who has enough conviction to override the expected "politically correct" mushmouth crap almost every last one of them usually spout!

Tony Weinfurtner

More of the Democrat's Double Standards!

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