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Thursday, September 24, 2009


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Not to demean the preacher's concern over his parents, whose circumstances are indeed dire, but I have to ask it.

Where was he all this time? What did he do to help in all this?

And before someone flings poo at me for asking, my 78-year-old mother lives with us and she will for as long as we can handle that. Right now, she is healthy but slowing down with aches and pains. But we don't know the future. If her insurance is inadequate to cover her circumstances, we'll do what we can to see that she lives out her life in as much ease as possible. We're right there for her.

So, preacher, where will your parents be after their house is taken? Are you going to take up that burden, Christ like? Or are you going to be petitioning this'n'that government agency to take care of the people that should be his rightful concern?

We've grown too used to not taking care of our families when we should.


"Where was he all this time? What did he do to help in all this?"

Mommynator - you beat me to it. I am getting rather sick and tired of so many others telling me what MY moral obligations are; this is even more true when it seems to me that they are not fulfilling their own obligations.


Such a situation really puts a human face on the issue.

I can't think Christ would look to the government to settle this mounting problem. If the churches were able to tend to the sick (imagine a country full of missionary doctors) people could very well have health care for free...or at least quite a bit of health care. But we want the government in it.

And so we get what we get.


Here are some callous "conservative" questions for Nailbender (who has also often blessed me with his writing.)

Would your family be better off had your father just died? (No one doubts our health care is too expensive, but it apparently DID save your father's life.)

Are you grateful that your parents had the resources (money) stored in the house to pay their debts?

Would the bankruptcy process forestall the loss of the house? (Seems to me that situations like this are what bankruptcy laws are for.)

Your parents are eligible for medicare, had insurance, and this situation befell them. So, the government program did NOT protect your parents. But now you want to expand medicare so that all of us will..... benefit?

I will add my prayers to many others for Nailbender and his parents.

tim aka The Godless Heathen

"And emoting is not the method by which we should choose which path to take".


Love the second part of this post, really speaks for many of us.


This post goes right to the crux of this issue. Unfortunately, it is a choice that has been made many times before, in such areas as Medicare, farm subsidies, GI Bill, and a host of other federal payments to individuals. All of these things seem like good things, just like the aid to the burned out citizens of Arlington, but they are outside the scope of the Constitution. The really big question, and it is in fact huge because of the amount of money involved in the proposed health care bill, is can we revisite this question and make a different decision now.

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